Salicylic Acid: I’m plodding along with this. Our manufacturer is back from vacation mid-month, so I hope to have something out in the month or two following.

SPF15 Moisturizer: I found a great formula, which is saying a lot. I’ve tried well over 50 samples–I’m pretty sure it’s actually over 60 but I lost count. At any rate, I am loving the latest formula and am just swapping out preservatives right now to get it nice and stable. Once it’s nailed down it takes a few months in FDA required stability tests, after which point I can fill.


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  • Sheryl

    Dan, PLEASE say your new salicylic acid and spf formulations will contain my beloved LICORICE EXTRACT!

    I am 54 years old, suffer from what I now lovingly refer to as “terminal” acne, and I’ve used benzoyl peroxide with great results for about 20 years now. I’ve tried them all – Retin A, etc., and the only thing that keeps my acne under control is benzoyl peroxide. That said, no matter what I did, it caused irritation. That is UNTIL I discovered the properties of licorice extract in products. There are many companies out there putting licorice extract into their products, and this stuff works! I use cleansers, toners and moisturizers with licorice extract, along with my benzoyl peroxide, and now my skin is clear without ANY irritation whatsoever. The properties of licorice extract are amazing.

    Thank you for putting the extract into your new alpha hydroxy moisturizer. I only hope your newest products will contain this. It is as close to a “wonder” ingredient that I’ve found yet.

    Thanks Dan!

  • dockock

    why dont you put licorize extract in the benzoyl then also and not only glycolic acid :P?

    BP is the only that works for me too, but irritates alot, im all flaky and red :

  • Rebecca

    Oh, I will be so happy to get the SPF moisturizer!!!! I’m using AHA instead of BP, because my skin won’t tolerate even the tiniest bit of BP. I have very fair skin and burn easily even without AHA, so now I absolutely must have SPF on all the time. I’ve been using the Oil of Olay SPF moisturizer, but don’t really like it. I use just a little bit of it and it still leaves me all oily.

    Wondering if it’s possible for the licorice extract lovers to get straight licorice extract to just add to whatever they please.

  • Caliko

    I’ve been hearing lately that BP can increase skin aging and it’s scaring me. I hope Salicylic acid could be a great alternative.

    Thanks Dan for your work!!

  • Sheryl

    Rebecca, great idea, but licorice extract is very costly. However, I have taken the time to find companies that add it to their products. AcneFree Redness Relief, DHC, Avon and others are putting it into some products. I find these particular products to be very gentle and extremely compatible with BP. Eucerin is well known for their redness relief line and it is awesome.

    Some companies don’t even brag about their added ingredient! I just read the ingredients on every skin care product now and am thrilled to find there’s a lot out there with licorice extract. One good clue is that some companies will say their products are “skin brightening.” That means good ole’ licorice is added. Licorice extract is a skin brightener as well.

    Dan, if you start adding this ingredient to your line, think of what a great selling point it would be.

  • Anna Lee

    That’s awesome about the SPF moisturizer! I was wondering and hoping that Dan would make a SPF lotion because everything I have tried (even a 50 dollar bottle of SPF moisturizer) leaves my face feeling so thick. NOt only that it starts to slough off because of my BP so my face looked like I had dead skin hanging off my face everywhere but its my SPF lotion rolling up into little balls. UGH. So I had to stop with SPF all together and deal with the sun. My face never got too burnt but im just scared that one day it will blow up in my face!

    Anyways BP WAS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED ON MY ACNE!! this website saved me!!!!!

    Thanks Dan!!!

  • Dan

    Sheryl, yes the SA will contain lichochalcone.

    dockock, interesting suggestion. I will take it under consideration. However, lichochalcone is extremely expensive. Also, BP works so well on its own I don’t know if we need anything else in there. But I’ll mull this over.

    Rebecca, I don’t know if you can just get licorice root extract to add to things. Even if you can, make sure you’re getting lichochalcone, not generalized licorice root extract. Lichochalcone is very specific and is what I think will help the most.

    Sheryl again, many if not most products add ingredients simply for what is referred to as “label claim”. So they add a tiny drop of something into a huge batch, which ultimately does nothing at all, but which allows them to put it on their label. Just something to be aware of.

  • Wes

    Awesome, cant wait for the SPF! Thanks Dan

  • Kathy


    When SA is released, what percentage will it be 0.5% , 2%…?? Will it be like a moisturizing lotion and SA combination, or a SA gel by itself that you will have to apply moisturizer over the top of?

    I am only partly tolerant to the BP, so I currently do BP about every other night, alternating with MaMa Lotion, a 20% Mandelic Acid/Malic Acid combination from This combination has really smoothed out my skin quite a bit than just BP by itself. During the day I am using a 0.5% Salicylic Acid face moisturizer ordered from Neutrogena’s new Skin ID line, you cannot buy it in stores, it must be purchased as part of a kit online from them.

    Also for those complaining about wearing SPF that is heavy feeling, until Dan gets his ready for sale… I found one that I think is not at all – I almost never have been able to “stand” the feel of SPF lotions on my face, until this one.

    I think it has an odd fragrance, but check out SPF28 Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion. It comes in a 2 oz pump for around $11 at Target, my Walmart did not have it on the shelf yet…. it is “New”. It takes very little to cover my face, but I do not use BP during the day, so I have no clue how it works on top of that. I threw away the box, but I think it has Vitamin C in it. It is in the skin care aisle with Loreal, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, etc. Garnier is the skin care line Sarah Jessica Parker was doing the commercials for.

    Looking forward to Dan’s SA and SPF coming out.

  • Jesse

    i love the Oil of Olay spf mosturizer but i will be sure to pick up yours too Dan!
    and SA is great, i would love to add some to my reigmien

  • Dan

    Kathy, it’ll be in 2%.

  • klazo

    Hey Dan what spf will ur sunscren be, will it contain stuff like “vitamin e “or any other “soothing ingredients” or just a plain spf suncreen?

  • Lucas


    Thanks so much for everything, man.

    Quick Questions: Will the sunscreen block both UVB and UVA rays? Will it be a physical or a chemical-based sunscreen? What kinds of UV-blocking ingredients will it contain?

    Hopefully it will be zinc-oxide based?

    Hope everything is well with you in SF!

  • Dan

    klazo, the sunscreen will contain tons of incredible ingredients. It’s the best I’ve ever tried by a mile.

    Lucas, yes, it contains zinc oxide, the best UVA protectant. It will be both physical and chemical to best block all rays.

  • emilina


    Will the SA be the correct pH for exfoliation?

    thanks 🙂

  • Emily

    I hope the sunscreen is coming soon…. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Dan! I’m so excited about these new products! I have had to buy over priced BHA products because they are the only ones with the correct ph level for exfoliation. I hope you took the ph into consideration (which I’m sure you have. You think of everything :))

    I’m also thrilled to hear you are coming out with an spf moisturizer. I was wondering if you included any antioxidants? Also, does it contain broad-spectrum protection?

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  • dave


    can the salicylic acid works with bp? or i should stick with aha?

  • Luke

    Dan any idea on the release date for SA, I’m killing myself here…

    …the blackhead capital or Europe = my nose.

  • erik

    yeah, SA update, please? this may have been discussed but what sizes and prices have been kicked around?

  • Jen

    Same here.. any updates on when it could possibly be available?

    Thanks! Definitely a needed product.. 🙂

  • ashley

    Dan- i’ve been using your BP for a few months now and i’m not having good results as i did with BenzaClin. i’m trying to figure outt if the benzaclin worked so well for me because it had clindamycin in it??? I don’t think i can get benzaclin with my new health insurance plan, but maybe you can make a BP with clindamycin in it?!?!? 🙂 i would love it if there were an affordable way for me to get BP with clindamycin in it.

    just an idea! 😉

  • Erin

    I need your SPF to come out SOON! I have been waiting patiently, but can’t wait much longer. Hurry please.

  • Dan

    Will this acne treatment contain benzoyl peroxide…and worse, parabens? I understand benzoyl peroxide is used in a lot of acne treatments but i’ve also noticed that acne systems with BP have to sometimes have 3 or 4 steps just to compensate for the harsh side-effects.

    Also, I’ve been learning a lot recently about parabens and their potential dangers associated with being oestrogenic (produces estrogen). I even read a Cornell University article that goes as far as to call parabens “environmental estrogens” In addition, parabens have been banned from European Markets due to possible links to cancer.

    So, personally I think it’s important to avoid some commonly used ingredients, especially parabens.

  • Sierra117

    Any update on the SPF15 product?

  • Anton

    I have read a lot about acne treatments using Benzoyl Peroxide, this is a chemical that is really harmful to your skin. I have read that a better solution is a product that uses Salicylic Acid. There is a product out right now called CTRL, and it is a 2 step process that both men and women can use. I am currently using the product for men, and is really working for me. If anyone wants to abandon their current treatment plan I would suggest going with CTRL.

  • Hannah

    Dan, would you please make an SPF 30 option? A lot of doctors are starting to suggest using a minimum of SPF 30, especially when treating for acne because of how acne treatments make your skin more likely to damage.


  • Vicki

    I too am wondering when this product will come out…
    I am also wondering if this will be an SPF moisturizer (that will take place of the regular moisturizer during the day), or a ‘day solution,’ that you apply as a separate layer before moisturizer.
    I only ask because I currently use a day solution type SPF, with the moisturizer over the top. It means I can use the same moisturizer morning and night, just adding in the SPF for the day. The main reason I have done it this way, is because I have never liked the SPF versions of the regular moisturizers. They always seem thicker, or smellier! The day solution I use is very lightweight.

  • Elizabeth

    Dan I have been using BP on my face since I found your website and it has done wonders for my skin. But I have read quite a few disturbing things about BP like it can cause cancer and it causes premature aging any thoughts or news on that?