I just uploaded 2 new pages of acne.org

(1) We’ve had some issues lately with people trying to get Accutane without a prescription. It’s a bad idea for a few reasons, which I highlight on a new page of Acne.org.

(2) I uploaded an unabridged mission statement.


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  • John

    Good ideas. Adviced to friends

  • Veronica

    Frustration and self-confidence is what drives most people to obtain accutane illegally. I’ve done all the suggestions-I went to the dermatologist and explained that I had had numerous Blu Light with Levulan treatments, tried antibiotics, have used Differen, Tazorac, Retin-A, Rosula Gel, Neobenz and every other product known to man kind, yet that was just not enough I guess. I have moderate acne but persistent acne. Just because my acne was not severe he said lets try something else, yet its on my face, back, chest and neck. I told him that I did not want to use anymore antibiotics and that I was still using the creams and washes yet still had this persistent acne. He still wasn’t listening and prescribed me an antibiotic and cream….hello!!! I had already been down that path. That being said one can understand why some of us are forced to find alternative ways to obtain the medicine that we need.

  • Leigh

    I agree with Veronica. I have mild persistent acne, and my derm wants to wait at least another year and try some more oral antibiotics and other crap that I’ve already tried and hasn’t worked. She said my acne isn’t “bad enough” and that the FDA has to see that I’ve failed other kinds of treatment first (which is a lie b/c I know she could prescribe it whenever she wants to w/o telling the FDA everything I’ve tried, that’s why she’s a doctor…). I am so frustrated b/c people who have extremely bad acne can go to the other extreme (extremely clear), but people who have mild/moderate acne are stuck in limbo b/c their acne is bad but not “bad enough.” It’s basically like telling someone that she is 50% ugly and that she needs to be 100% ugly to get some real help.

  • bell

    I could absolutely see why people would do this as well! I’m not gonna lie before I was FINALLY prescribed accutane I looked into doing this myself through Mexico! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, I understand that!

  • Rasha19

    Hi there πŸ™‚
    I am now getting the roaccutane perscribed by my doctor, but one dermatologist said it needs to be taken for 6 months with of course the blood tests etc.. and the other said 2 months!! Who should I believe? What should I do!?? I don’t want to take it for 2 months and end up worse than when i started it. I also have moderate persistant acne and it’s all over πŸ™
    Thank you

  • Wilson

    Hi all. I think it’s VERY important to get this drug legally, you NEED to be monitored and advised while going through the process of being on this medicine. This is not tylenol, its a SERIOUS medication with possible SERIOUS side effects, and should be treated with the utmost caution. I sympathize with those less fortunate in obtaining this medicine, since I tried 5 months with Retin-A and an antibiotic with my NEW dermatologist and at my followup appointment I suggested accutane, he wholeheartedly agreed and here I am nearly 3 months into it! I love it. It is a scary drug though and needs to be treated with caution. I garantee there is another dermatolagist you can go to who will prescribe you it if you have a legitimate acne problem or a very persistant one, and if you like your old derm who is stingy on the subject of accutane, switch back to them after your course. Whatever you do exhaust your possibilities of obtaining it legally, because I garantee that you will have luck. There are so many dermatolagists nearby! =]