The 6oz. glycolic acid (AHA) plus lichochalcone is for sale. I sat down with a calculator and crunched numbers to get it to stay between my target of $15 and $20 and managed to get it down to $16.11.

You can read more about glycolic acid, aka alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) here, and more about lichochalcone here.

I personally use it for spot treatment, body acne treatment, and flakiness control. It is not required on The Regimen, but it’s a nice addition that I recommend for pretty much everyone. For me, it takes my skin from clear to pretty much perfect.

I look forward to your feedback.


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  • Rebecca

    if dan recommends it i will try it! do you plan to offer it in the larger size pump dispenser too?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dan, you’re the man! I ordered the second I saw it was out and cannot wait! I’ve used AHA in the past and it has helped me get from 70% clear to 90% clear, and I think this brand will be even better. I know from your past products that you are obsessed with high quality and affordability. I will rate this product as soon as I can. Thanks a lot!

  • John

    Great! I’ll order it as soon as I use up my stock of Alpha Hydrox. There are two bottles remaining. Same goes for Jojoba oil =)

  • Dan

    I have no plans right now to make it in larger sizes, but who knows. As far as this particular product goes, we’d have to get creative because it’s a thicker viscosity and doesn’t work well with pumps.

    Looking forward to your ratings and opinions.

  • Rick

    Would AHA work if I am not on the regimen (not using BP)? I’m thinking of using the AHA only at night and then Dan’s normal lotion during the day. Any thoughts on how this would work?

  • john

    hi dan. how do you apply the aha if im still using the regiment?

  • Tanya

    I’m curious about the moisturizing properties of this as I’ve been on the regimen for 6 weeks now, but still not up to a full pump as my skin just cannot handle it. Would this be a good thing to try to reduce the flakiness? I use Jojoba and Emu oil now.

  • Emma

    Ordered mine yesterday for myself and a friend. Can’t wait to get it! yey! I’ve found it to be brilliant at keeping acne at bay. Thanks Dan! 🙂

  • Alex

    Dan, you say you gotta use sunscreen with AHA correct? what product do you use? and would it make sense to mix the olay spf 15 moisturizer you recommended before with this AHA? thanks.

  • Nate

    I got mine this morning~ I swear to god, that is the fastest shipping ever….did you guys add another shipping center or something? I am in Seattle and it used to take about a week but now I get it on the second day…despite selecting the cheapest option.

  • Sheryl

    I just ordered your AHA – the hook? That it contains licorice extract (Lichochalcone). I have found products containing licorice extract to be AMAZING.

    As a long time fan of benzoyl peroxide, I’ve found that using these products takes away the red and irritation. Check out the Eucerin Redness Relief line as well as AcneFree’s new Redness Relief Acne kit. Even their benzoyl peroxide contains the licorice extract! Maybe you can get new product areas from perusing these products. Hopefully in the future you can add this ingredient to your full line of products.

    Also, thanks for the research on it. I’m a research geek – printed it all out and look forward to reading it all, especially the one on Licohochalcone’s comparison to benzoyl peroxide for acne!

    Thank you Dan! You rock! Sheryl

  • Anonymous

    Rick: I don’t know. But if you try it let us know.

    John: Generally I recommend you try it at night in place of your current moisturizer.

    Tanya: AHA is brilliant at handling flakiness. So is jojoba if you can get some of that and add a few drops to your moisturizer.

    Emma: Please post your honest review after you’ve used it for a while.

  • Dan

    Woops, that last reply from Anonymous was me, Dan.

  • Steve

    Hey cool product but is it fine to apply emu oil and aloe vera gel after i applyed the AHA ?


  • Jeff

    Ordered it late Wednesday and received it today – all the way across the country in Maryland, so great shipping! (I picked the USPS priority option.)

    I just tried it – the feel of the cream is great, it goes on light and just disappears. And the soothing smell is nice too. I can also see why this is able to stand in as a moisturizer. Added bonus: the quantity is huge relative to the sort of cream it is, so this is definitely great bang-for-buck territory.

    Your BP changed my life, taking me from cystic and not-so-cystic all the way to near-clarity; now, I hope your AHA helps with my T-zone blackhead problem (yes, this may be a long-shot), while doing duty as a spot-treatment as well. Will post a review in a few weeks.


  • Kyle


    I am using Benzaclin at night and washing with a mild cleanser. Can I use this in the morning and put a sunscreen on after or will that be too irritating? Does this product mix well with benzoyl peroxide?

  • Pete

    Nice, will order it ASAP.

    Also, Dan, I remember there being some talk about making your own lip balm – how’s that coming along?

  • Piere

    I like using this treatment it works very well.

  • Julie

    Hi Dan, I was wondering if this is as harsh as Salicylic Acid?

  • Mariam

    I currently use the oil of olay complete moisturizer for sensitive skin. My problem is that my face feels dry and flaky in the morning, but after a few hours and towards the middle of the day, my face is super oily. I am wondering whether I should try the AHA or the jojoba oil. I am also worried that if I try the jojoba oil my face will be even more oily later on in the day. What do you think?


  • 117

    I’ve been on and off the regimen for over 4 years now and it’s always worked if I actually did it like I should, but I never really did, and in the first couple months of this year, I went on it 100%, along with changing my diet and working out, and went almost completely clear, and then I slacked off, and my acne came back really bad. I’ve spent the last 2 months fighting it hard, and am now reaching the point I’ve wanted to be at, and things are getting better now each day it seems. I ordered the AHA as soon as it became available, I’ve had it a couple days now, seems to be doing good.

    If I hadn’t picked at my face and broke pimples and stuff over the past several weeks, I’d be clearer right now than I have been since I was 12. The worst is over it seems, thanks for all your hard work Dan, I think of you a lot when it comes to this war on acne.

  • Kay


    How much AHA should we use if we have been on the Regimen for some time? The same as BP?


  • Fred

    I’ve noticed that your AHA product does not go on smooth. After I apply it, it tends to clump rather than absorbing into the skin.

  • Kathy

    Any news on if you are still working on the SA product? I see posts of when you were testing it and planning to package it for sale, where are we at with that?

  • Aika

    Very very interesting…I should check it out…o.o;

  • Ruth

    I received my AHA today and used it this evening in place of Dan’s regime moisturizer. It balled up and I literally had to take a paper towel to get the tiny little balled up clumps off of my face. Did I use too much, as I used as much as I normally would’ve used the BP. Please advise and thanks!

  • Jeff

    (yep, same Jeff as above) Yeah, I’ve had the balling-up problem as well – you basically can’t touch your skin after applying the AHA, it doesn’t take much to cause the stuff to come off and become these little peely-balled-up bits.

    I decided to deal with this by not wearing the stuff outside, and when I do apply it for wear when nobody will see me, I still try not to touch my face too much (a good practice in an acne context in any case).

    I wish it wouldn’t ball up, but I still think it’s a good product – it has already helped with my blackhead problem, and my nose isn’t as red as it used to be.

  • Peter

    Hey guys,
    I too have expreienced the balling-up effect, although i wouldnt call it a problem. I use the AHA cream all over my chest and back and the first time I used the cream I experienced this balling-up effect, which is the same experience that i’ve had with other produces containing Gylcolic Acid. I believe it is the removal of dry/dead skin cells that the AHA cream is practically instantly having an effect on. After the first time i used it, it clumped up quite badly, so I took another shower, applied the cream again and no clumping was experienced. Hope this helps anyone experiencing unexpected balling-up of the AHA cream.

  • Anonymous

    Steve, I don’t know much about emu oil. Sorry.

    Kyle, the AHA works great for me with BP, but I recommend people only start using AHA after they’ve been on BP for a few weeks.

    Pete, lip balm is in my someday/maybe file. It could be fun, but I don’t have the resources for it just this minute.

    Julie, AHA is very strong. It stings and is supposed to sting. Sal acid never did much for me, but nor was it harsh in any way.

    Mariam, I suspect your face will be less oily if you try jojoba. It seems counter intuitive but it’s often the case.

    Kay, check out for pics.

    Fred, try a little less.

    Kathy, I’ll post about Sal Acid soon.

    Ruth, yeah, try a little less.

  • Dan

    Steve, I don’t know much about emu oil. Sorry.

    Kyle, the AHA works great for me with BP, but I recommend people only start using AHA after they’ve been on BP for a few weeks.

    Pete, lip balm is in my someday/maybe file. It could be fun, but I don’t have the resources for it just this minute.

    Julie, AHA is very strong. It stings and is supposed to sting. Sal acid never did much for me, but nor was it harsh in any way.

    Mariam, I suspect your face will be less oily if you try jojoba. It seems counter intuitive but it’s often the case.

    Kay, check out for pics.

    Fred, try a little less.

    Kathy, I’ll post about Sal Acid soon.

    Ruth, yeah, try a little less.

  • AllyT

    I’ve used your regimen for about 6 months and my skin hasn’t been this clear in 8 years. I ordered the AHA to give it a try. JUST to make sure, I put the BP on at night (wait 15 mins) and then INSTEAD of the lotion I put the AHA on, right? Thank you again for everything. You should also educate everyone on here on how much water they really should be drinking. Your skin is the last of your body to get hydrated, and if your skin is already hydrated by water then it won’t produce so much oil to compensate. That means NO coke, NO tea, and NO beer. Just chuggin bottles of water. No fun, but it works!

  • haseeb

    Dear, Dan, I have been on the regimen for three weeks, I was thinking about trying some AHA+ in another week. I just wanted to clarify one thing. So at night after putting on benzoyl peroxide, I should apply Aha+ over it rite?, and how long should I wait to apply it? Thanks Dan, your doing a great job

  • Serena

    Hi Dan! Please, please, please provide instructions on how best to use the AHA on the face. Do we use it after the BP or in place of it? Do we replace the BP at night with the AHA? How many times a day do we use it? Should we still moisturize after application of the AHA?

  • Jesse

    Dan: some good step by step instructions on using the AHA and the jojoba oil would be really appreciated.

  • David

    Hey Dan! First of all, I have to say that you are amazing and if I saw you walking down the street I would definitely ask you to sign my benzoyl bottle! But that is besides the point…

    The Benzoyl peroxide is working great for me right now and I love it, but as you know, it taks a while to apply it…probably around 5-8 minutes for my entire face using 2 pumps, and I would really like to just clense and then wear AHA at night. Do you think this will work keep me clear or are the results still not in? Please let me know that’s my main concern and I would love making that switch, thanks Dan!

  • Mari

    Hello everyone. Benzoyl Peroxide cleared me up way beyond my imagination, I’ve used it for five months now and the last month has been completely without pimples – amazing. I’m 22 and have had severe acne problems since the age of 15, now I’m clear and I’m forever grateful!

    I started using AHA two weeks ago since I thought it might help the redmarks go away (I’m now on a quest for perfect skin:). Just like Dan proposed, I now use BP plus moisturiser in the evening and only AHA in the daytime. This works great, my skin looks smoother and smoother, scars are fading and as a bonus I don’t have to worry about the BP rubbing off on colourful clothing.

    I have a few questions about the AHA though, Dan.
    -The balling-up. This is a problem that more of us have encountered – it tends to ball up if I hug people, which is a problem. Obviously, I don’t want to give up hugging. (I don’t think it has anything to do with skin peeling off either, because if I rub the peeled balls with water, they dissolve and blend smoothly into the skin again.)
    -Shiny skin. One of the great things about the BP was when I wore it in daytime, it gave my skin a matte look that it’s never had before (used to be greasy greasy greasy). This lasted all day. The AHA seems to have the opposite effect, it makes my face shiny as christmas decoration, not because it is extremely greasy, but because the lotion itself is kind of shiny or something? I don’t like wearing make up, like powder and stuff to absorb this. Do you have any tips?
    -AHA plus sunlotion. On sunny days it sure is essential to wear sunlotion on top of AHA. My question is do you know about any sunlotions without moisturising agents in them? Is this possible? It feels very sticky to apply AHA moisturiser and then a greasy/moisturising sunlotion on top of this. Could one put SPF in the AHA cream?

    Thank you once agaion for your tremendous help, you’ve changed my life:)

  • jw

    A little review of the AHA, with a bonus extra use for it:
    First of all, the basic regimen works great for me. I wash with the cleanser in the AM and use Neutrogena Clear Skin BP mask/wash (3.5% BP, iirc) on my back and chest in the shower (it rinses off enough so as not to worry about bleaching my clothes) afterwards. Then I use the regular moisturizer in the AM – it’s lighter and less greasy and therefore better under makeup and for the day, I think.

    In the PM, I wash, use BP gel, and now use the AHA on my face and on my back and chest as well. I used to use the BP gel on my back and chest only during a breakout, but then of course I had to make sure I was in white PJs, so it was kind of a pain. With the AHA, I prevent breakouts altogether during the greasy summer months, and don’t have to worry about bleaching. I have noticed that it does ‘ball up’ on my back/shoulder area sometimes, but since I’m just going to bed it’s not a big deal.

    Also, another use for the AHA. I have what I have been told is folliculitus (sp?) on my legs. Basically, randomly the follicles on sections of my legs get very angry and red and pimply looking. Shaving doesn’t help, but not shaving doesn’t make it go away. I had a breakout a couple weeks ago and thought maybe the AHA would help. So I’ve been using that lotion on my legs in the AM in the bad spots now (instead of other sensitive skin lotion), and the breakout is almost all gone! Yay! So today I bought some anti-aging regular lotion with AHA in it, since the stuff is a little expensive to slather my legs in. Hopefully that will work just as well! But another option might be for you, Dan, to make a heavier lotion with slightly less AHA/fancy stuff for more of a whole-body treatment…hint hint!

    Also of note for the ladies (or men, whatever!) – both the BP gel and the AHA (depending on what colors you’re wearing) are a great solution for the elusive “bikini zone.” Ok that ended up being a loooooong reply. Hope it helps someone!

  • S

    AHA – I was using the regimen for a littler over 2 months, and my acne was improving but not perfect! I ordered AHA and began using it fact during the day I was only using AHA and it was working!! one problem the Balling up is a serious concern, I cannot wear AHA when I am in public at all, if I even brush the hair out of my face and touch the skin accidentally it balls up, and I can’t have that happening while I am at work I look like I am molting. everyday!

    So what I have been doing is 2pumps BP at night light moisturizer and then the AHA.. I have stopped many breakouts from coming out all the way and my skin is nearly perfect..During the day I only use barely a pump with the moisturizer and this has cut down on the balling up of those products considerably and I am still not having breakouts..

    I only have one last concern with my face, in the sensitive area around my chin, and in the line at the edge of my cheek its red. I had excessive drying here for quite some time, before using dan’s regimen in fact. and I can’t seem to completely shake it any suggestions??

    THANKS DAN I really never thought my skin COULD look this good!

  • Zoe

    Hi Dan, In conjunction with the DermaDoctor KP scrub, this has helped reduce the appearance of my Keratosis tenfold. Thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful AHA product. This is the first AHA product that actually goes on light and isn’t too filmy and sticky for me to use during the day on my arms. I can actually wear sleeveless shirts now!

  • Zoe

    I forgot to add- I would love to see this in a larger size as well. Since I have been using it twice a day to treat Keratosis on my upper arms, I’ve already gone through almost 3 tubes of it!

  • Melissa S

    This stuff truly is amazing. I suffer from an occasional breakout and in the past two years I have started suffering with cystic acne lesions. I literally tried everything and they would only get worse. They would get bigger and bigger until I looked like a unicorn lol. It was embarrassing and painful. The combination of your regimen and the aha cream reverses the issue, rather then getting larger my cystic breakouts gradually get smaller it does not happen over night but it has definitely made cystic acne bearable. The most important lesson I learned is don’t squeeze cystic acne it will only grow larger. Aha is def the way to go my skin looks awesome!