I got the AHA filled this week and it’s awaiting final tests to make sure it’s ready for sale. I’m hoping to have it for sale next week. I’m still working on pricing, trying to keep it as low as I can.

And a quick Sal Acid update…tubes being labeled. Then we’ll start filling. Still a couple of months off probably. Yeah, I know, it’s slow, but I’m doing absolutely everything I can. I actually think I’m totally bugging everybody involved πŸ™‚


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  • Mario

    Very nice! Congrats!

  • Ryan

    FINALLY!!! Now I am going to be checking the site every day so I can buy it the day it goes on sale πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous


  • Rebecca

    Yay for AHA!!!!! Can’t wait to try it! The anticipation is killing me!

  • Jeff

    Sounds great Dan. Is there any chance we could get a “regimen update” with AHA, Sal Acid and Jajoba oil all on the menu now? I’m interested in the new products but not sure what the best combinations of these products are anymore, beyond the wash/BP/chemical moisturizer.

    Also, does Sal Acid pose any benefits over BP for those who have skin especially sensitive to the drying effects of BP? Thanks!

  • J

    Can I use AHA while on accutane?

  • t

    Yes!! Finally the AHA (aka miracle goop) is coming!!

    Dan you are amazing!!! Thank you a million times over!!

  • erik

    i need to place a new order but have been holding out so i can order some AHA. please contact those of us on the mailing list asap, so we can order it.

  • Leelee

    I wasn’t aware that Salicylic Acid was going to be sold on here. Is this to be incorporated into The Regimen, at 2.5%? Because I have noticed before that my sensitive skin has responded better in regard to irritation and flaking w/Sal Acid rather than BP.

  • OP

    JUST in time before my Paula Begoune AHA and BHA ran out. Perfect timing πŸ˜€

  • Kerri

    Could you give us an idea of when your sunscreen moisturizer might be available? Thanks!

  • Dan

    Jeff, good point on explaining where these products fit in the Regimen. I have an initial idea but will look to everyone for your input as well. I’ll work on something. Sal Acid doesn’t dry the skin. Quite the contrary, the sal acid I’m coming out with is moisturizing. But we’ll have to see how well it works for everyone is the thing.

    Erik, I’ll send a mailing list as soon as it’s out. Promise.

    Leelee, people have been asking for a sal acid product. I was, and still remain, hesitant about making one because I don’t think it works as well as BP. My recommendation is BP. But I pumped up the sal acid like crazy with lots of other ingredients to combat oil, and calm the skin way down, so I’m hoping it’ll be an alternative for people who can’t use BP. But I really don’t know. The proof will be in the pudding once people try it.

  • Renee

    I think BP works better, but that is from having had a bad reaction from sal acid. I may be allergic to
    sal acid. Would like to try the AHA though. I noticed alot of products in the stores have sal acid. in them.
    I guess it works well for most people.

  • 117

    I am also curious how exactly the AHA will be integrated into the Regimen.

  • HappySmile

    Hi Dan!

    Can I know what works best for you?

    Currently I am using these things:

    – BenzoylPeroxide 5% gel
    – Jojoba Oil
    – Taking zinc tablets
    – Taking Brewer Yeast(really good fighting acne)
    I found out that Iodine is VERY bad when having acne(dont drink milk seafood and so on)

    What is your daily regiment right now? Have you tried out to see the Queen Helene mask mint ? Try it out and find out why nearly EVERYBODY like this stuff….

    What do you use right now ? and what is working best for you?


  • Rebecca

    i am fairly new to the regimine but LOVE it!! i cannot tolerate sal acid. just irritates me too much. i prefer BP. i need to place another order but wanted to know exactly what is the AHA supposed to do. you use it in place of BP?

  • Kay

    Dan, could you please explain how to use the AHA when you are on the regimen? Also, do we need to build up to a large amount like the BP?

  • Angi

    I’m pretty new around here, but just wanted to jump in and say that SA and BP can be used together. They do different things; SA exfoliates the pores and BP is more of a disinfectant. I use 2% BHA (SA) followed by 2.5% BP every single night, and get much better results than if I use either product alone. Some say using SA immediately before BP helps the BP to get deeper into the pores, too. I have pretty easily dried out skin, and this combo is fine for me.

  • James

    will the aha be used for acne treatment? or for smoothing the skin and shrinking pores? I just thought aha was mostly used for the latter.

  • ali


    I share your hesitation with sal acid. I’ve used all kinds of products with it in them, saying they would clear up blackheads and slough off dead skin, but neither of those things happened. Before I started the regimen I was using some Mario Badescu sal acid treatment, as well as this thing called “silver powder”, which i think just has zinc in it to dry up the blackheads… the looked smaller, but they didn’t seem to clear up. Bleh.

    Great job on the jojoba oil. I havent had any dryness since putting that in my moisturizer. I love it! I’ve never used AHA before, but im interested.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Eric


    Have you read “The Acne Cure” by Terry Dubrow? His regimen is a combination of salicylic acid, glycolic acid(AHA), BP, and the use of a moisturizer with SPF to clear acne. It kind of seems like your regimen is morphing into that (or at least the product line is). I recommend you (and others) check it out at the library. It’s a good read.

    The reason I bring it up is that I have read some of your past blogs where it seems like you switch back and forth between different types of treatments, and it might be good for you to try and combine them all (if you haven’t already)

    Great site by the way!

  • Leelee

    Thanks for the clarification, and your continued determination to try to accommodate everyone. I have really sensitive skin, so I started out only using The Regimen at night, but have now had some swelling, so I think I may be allergic to BP. SA has always worked better for me, so I’ll be glad to try that out in place of the BP, and report how it works πŸ™‚ Hope it’s available soon.