The 6oz. glycolic acid (AHA) plus lichochalcone is for sale. I sat down with a calculator and crunched numbers to get it to stay between my target of $15 and $20 and managed to get it down to $16.11.

You can read more about glycolic acid, aka alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) here, and more about lichochalcone here.

I personally use it for spot treatment, body acne treatment, and flakiness control. It is not required on The Regimen, but it’s a nice addition that I recommend for pretty much everyone. For me, it takes my skin from clear to pretty much perfect.

I look forward to your feedback.

I got the AHA filled this week and it’s awaiting final tests to make sure it’s ready for sale. I’m hoping to have it for sale next week. I’m still working on pricing, trying to keep it as low as I can.

And a quick Sal Acid update…tubes being labeled. Then we’ll start filling. Still a couple of months off probably. Yeah, I know, it’s slow, but I’m doing absolutely everything I can. I actually think I’m totally bugging everybody involved 🙂