I think I found an adequate solution for SPF for summer. In the meantime, I’m getting closer to a good formula myself. My suggestion:

Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin + a few drops of jojoba oil

I know this sounds off the cuff, but believe me, I’ve tried just about everything and this is the best solution I’ve come across in the past several years. Try it and I think you’ll agree. If you do try it, let me know what you think.


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  • UIUShortstop5

    Wow Dan. This is so weird, because about a month ago I got this stuff from the local general store, and I LOVE IT!!! Great minds think alike!

  • Beth Horan

    DAN! It’s you! I was looking around for info in lectin allergies and who do I find but my old friend DAN KERN! I used to live near you in WC. Send me an email – your info looks interesting. Thanks alot! Beth

  • Rebecca

    Olay Complete is only SPF 15. Is that enough to prevent burning when using AHA? Okay, I suppose that kinda depends on skin type and length of time out in the sun. I burn easily and am often out in the sun for an hour or two at a time. Right now, I’m using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 85. It’s too thick and leaves my skin shiny, but at least I don’t burn and I don’t break out. Really hoping Dan’s new SPF formula will be strong enough for those of us who need it for more than wrinkle prevention.

  • Sludge

    I’ve been using this stuff for years. It’s one of the only products that doesn’t seem to contribute to breakouts for me. SPF 15 is still quite good. I recall hearing that SPF 15 blocks out 95% of the sun’s rays, while SPF 30 blocks out 98%, or something like that. It certainly keeps me from getting burned! I think that zinc oxide is also good from a UVA/UVB perspective.

  • Fred

    So you’re saying to put the Olay on instead of the DKR moisturizer? Or are we supposed to put it on on top of the DKR moisturizer?

  • Dan

    Fred, I’m saying to use the Olay if you need an SPF moisturizer. The Acne.org moisturizer contains no SPF.

  • Elizabeth

    Rebecca: I am white as the driven snow and use a moisturizer of SPF 15. No sunburns. πŸ™‚ Try it out and see if it works; SPF 85 seems excessive for casual use no matter how pale you are.

  • Jeff

    I second the spf concern as a whitey.

    I have been on the regimen rather loyally for over a year now and still break out in large whiteheads rather frequently. I have a feeling it may be due to the cetaphil sensitive skin moisturizer I use. It is very thick and leaves a greasy layer on the face. Is Jajoba oil any better for preventing breakouts? Any less thick/greasy/shiny on the face for a very humid area in summer?


  • Rozlin

    I just bought some of that Olay about three days ago and I love it!!!
    I can’t find jojoba oil anywhere though, but I did find tea tree oil and I’ve been alternating between that and BP.
    I started the regimen too, and so far so good.
    I’ve had great skin my whole life up until 6 months ago.
    And I don’t know what to do!!
    My breakouts are mostly on my forehead, and I have bangs so that seems to make things worse.
    I try to pin them back as often as possible…Anyway, back to the moisturizer.
    Its great. Never really used any before and now my skin feels awesome!!

  • Rebecca

    Jeff, the DKR moisturizer is nice and light. It contains jojoba oil and works well with the regimin. Give it a try – it’s good stuff.

  • neko

    just to confirm: everyone is using Olay Complete as a facial sunblock, and nothing else?

    for you folks out in sunny CA/on the beaches, is this really enough? Now, D.C. is nothing compared to hanging at the beach, but i still feel *naked* wearing only Olay with SPF 15 …. or am i just being ‘noidy ?

    hey Dan: Hurry up & get your SPF brew our on the market!

  • Leelee

    I’ve used Olay Complete w/SPF15 before, and it didn’t help in the moisturizing area, although it did make my face extra oily. This was when I was using Differin though, I believe, so this could’ve been a factor as to why my skin remained so dry. I’ve also used Jojoba Oil by itself on my face before, and it was just too oily for my skin; it never got fully absorbed. Anyway, I am super white, and I now use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30. Just went to Hawaii in May, and all I used was my Aveeno moisturizer and Bare Minerals w/SPF 15 built in, and I was so scared that I would burn, but it worked! Just my experience πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    Are we supposed to use the Olay Complete on top of the AHA? Seems like that might be too much moisturizer, since they are both moisturizers. But AHA without SPF means sunburn. Would be super cool to incorporate SPF directly in the AHA formula. I know Dan is already churning out new products at an amazing rate and we can’t exactly expect to get another one anytime soon. So, in the meantime, what to do?

  • Ken

    Well, I don’t think applying AHA 2 times a day is necessary. One time application(at night) is enough IMO.

  • karen severson

    I swear by Pupose Redness Reducing Lotion with SPF 30. I have a tendency toward nasty acne coupled with rosecea redness and those awful rosecea bumps on top of it all. I’ve found I can’t wear any makeup of any kind or I flare up, but being ghost white…I still gotta slap on the SPF and this stuff really works.

  • Drew

    I was totally nervous about trying this stuff, Im on a Differin regimen and Im so easily burnt now because of it. I seem to ALWAYS break out with moisturizers, but Olay Complete Moisture Lotion SPF 15 proved me wrong. I have never broken out with this moisturizer and Im always protected from the harsh sun. I have oily skin and this seems to actually help with my oiliness actually, and Im just using the SENSITIVE skin version. I love this stuff. 5 stars

  • Sarah

    I use Neutogena’s oil-free Moisture spf 15 with a fee drops of Jojoba oil and I love it. Not as good as the old Eucerin, but they don’t make that any more πŸ™ but I have found this to be the next best thing, fragrance free and not to oily, but still pretty good moisturizing.

  • Kristy

    The BP dries out my skin, & this moisturizer made it sting like crazy. It also left a greasy film on my face & made me break out. I’m personally not a fan of it, unless they’ve made some changes in the year since I used it.

    Jeff, re: the Cetaphil moisturizer. I find that the Cetaphil is great when my skin is especially dry, but otherwise it makes me break out as well since it’s somewhat greasy. St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer, though, is FANTASTIC.

  • Rob

    Those who miss the old 15spf Eucerin, There new one is anti wrinkle with Q10 blah blah. its essentially the same product with a different name. Its still even in that little bottle.

    As for the moisturizers go, Dans stuff is great, as is complex 15 if you find the jojoba in DK’s too oily. I personally do the regimen and use dans moisturizer, than use one of those light blue oil absorbing sheets to take away the shine.

  • Amy Owen

    For those concerned with oiliness and SPF (I’m a huge oil-producer myself), I found that I LOVE Avon Magix. It has SPF 20 AND it makes your skin look flawless for the whole day! I’ve been using the DK BP gel (with the Basis bar and Cetaphil moisturizer) for over a year and my skin has never looked smoother, but I did still get super shiny a few hours into the day. Anyway, the Magix is a pretty new product and I only discovered it because I got a free sample a few months ago. We went to San Diego and hung out at the beaches and Legoland (read: in the sun all day for 3 days straight) and I never got sunburned (on my face) or oily! I really, really like this for my SPF!

  • George Trosper

    Back on July 16, Sarah said they didn’t make plain old Eucerin any more. Maybe some places don’t carry it–I couldn’t find it at Walgreen’s yesterday, OR their excellent generic tub–but at http://www.eucerinus.com/products.html it’s shown in the Original section at the end of the page, both lotion and creme.