A bunch of people are asking about the AHA so here’s a quick update:

The labels are printed so it’s just a matter of getting them applied to the tubes. This requires sending them out and takes 2 and a half weeks. Then we’ll send the labeled tubes to get filled. Filling can take a while too because our filler are sticklers for quality every step of the way. But the ball is most definitely rolling. Believe me, I want this as much as anybody. I’m running out of my sample! I’ve learned never to promise a date, but I’m working on it as quickly as I can.

18 thoughts on “AHA update

  1. Hey Dan do you think the line of products will ever be pushed through local stores like a CVS. I now you talked about getting the BPgel in the stores around this time last year what ever happpened with that???? It certainly would be nice for the people on the east coast especially with the shipping costs nowadays.

  2. Daniel, I love your BP product and it’s is great that you are adding AHA product. It helps with sun damaged skin and really improves the appearance of the skin. I cannot wait for your BHA product. I am hoping for 1-2% BHA, Ph 3-4. We really need it! While AHA is a great exfoliator (5-10%), BHA is a better one. AHA works only on the surface of the skin. It is water soluble and cannot enter the pore. BHA can work on the surface of the skin AND it enters the pore and exfoliates inside the pore. It is great for blackheads. These are not some exaggerated advertising claims. This is backed medical research. I have been using these myself for many years with excellent results. Few people believe I struggle with pimples and blackheads. But it is getting harder to find the right ph and concentration levels and the price is creeping up. We need an effective and affordable option. From what I understand BHA itself is not an expensive chemical.
    Please help!!!!

  3. This is really exciting! Does this mean that it’s been working for you to use just the AHA cleanser in the morning? That possibility is looking great just about now.

  4. are you still clear from using bp only once a day and the aha every other or have you had to go back to the bp? cant wait for this product btw, thanks for all you’re doing!

  5. yea dan, whats ur current regimen? i no u were using the BP all the time, then started using the salicylic acid, then just the AHA.

  6. I’m been trying different moisturizers pretty regularly, so my regimen changes pretty often. For instance, right now I’m using a new SPF moisturizer twice a day to see how well it combats flakiness, but to accurately experiment I had to go back to BP twice a day.

    If I had to guess, I’d say if I wanted to stay perfectly clear–as in, without the tiniest imperfection–I’d do BP twice a day and AHA as my nighttime moisturizer. I’m not sure if BP just once a day would keep me perfectly clear. But we’ll all have to experiment and see how it goes.

  7. Hi, i was just wondering when your AHA comes out if you are going to make videos on how to use it and incroprorate it into our regimen and make a page with inromation on it like you did for the jojoba oil?

  8. Hey I was just wondering if the AHA is an actuall moisturizer, or another acne fighter like the BP?? When it comes out, should I just use the AHA as an moistuizure instead of the other moisturizure from the Regime?

  9. Ah, good ideas you guys. Yeah, I’ll do a video of how to use it and have info on it.

    And yes, it is a moisturizer. It’s actually powerfully moisturizing. Completely and totally combats flakiness.

  10. I like the idea of the aha product for use during the day I’m lso looking orward to using it with the xtra ingredient which is supposed to be good with roseasa. I would bye it. I lso find the night tie is perfect for BP as the skin is nenewing while we sleep nd any medical product thats strong like a skin serums (wrinkes) or benzoyl is perfect. I have read verywhere don’t use benzoyl blah blah blh but some people andwebsites need to comprehend that for aot of people including me, Dan and others mkes skin clear which stops stress because your clear which means again your more likely to exercise, eat better. When self esteem impoves you look after your self worth> Its a huge step which improves alt of issues. You have to sart somewhere!!

  11. Dan, you said you really liked lactic acid but it was hard to find. So is this product lactic acid based, or are you going with the glycolic?

  12. All sounds great, however please think abut this one:

    Benzoyl Peroxide for acne treatments have been known to cause premature skin aging, similar to your skins reaction to repeated sun exposure or persistent acne. It has also been associated with increased risks of skin cancer. In 1995 the FDA issued warnings regarding the use of benzoyl peroxide and changed its status from safe to uncertain.


    The actual problem is what is happening inside your body.

    Contributing factors:

    stress,hormonal changes, congested liver, poor elimination/constipation, EFA deficiences, poor diet-trans fats˛hydrogeneted fats, excessive sebum/keratin production…

    Eat: oily fish (wild salmon, mackerel,tuna, herrings,pilchards, sardines,
    fruit veges (excellent antioxidants), lemons(bioflavenoids& C), grapes (cleansers, apples (bind toxins), sea vegetables (minerals)
    snack on seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and nuts
    pulses, beans, lentils


    Digestion, L-Glutamine, probiotics, supergest, grape fruit seed

    Detox: alkaherb

    Other: B Complex, Alkaplex G, Bioflavenoids

    Also, excellent for inflamed acne, scars, that has healing properties is Collagen Beauty Black (after 10 days miricle)

    I am talking from my experience

  13. Bojana, I’m sorry but, BP causes premature skin aging?? Associated with increased risk of skin cancer?? Oh my word!!! Who gives a rip. 2.5% BP saved my life, so I will use it until I die, whatever the risks. I’m not afraid of death and I am damn sure not afraid of my skin aging prematurely. The product WORKS, and works wonderfully.


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