I put my benzoyl peroxide in the fridge and have been using it chilled lately. I like it a lot. We know that ice/cold reduces inflammation, so it certainly can’t hurt. I am uncertain, but I have a feeling it doesn’t help too much either. My skin warms up the BP in only a matter of seconds really. Regardless, I think I’ll continue using the BP this way. It’s been hot around here lately and a nice cool application of BP feels good. I almost look forward to it. I’d love to get more comments on this method if you’ve tried it.


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  • Bryan

    How is the AHA going bro?

  • Dan

    It’s coming along. The labels are printed so it’s just a matter of getting them applied to the tubes. This requires sending them out and takes 2 and a half weeks. Then we’ll send them to get filled. Filling can take a while too because our filler are sticklers for quality every step of the way. But the ball is most definitely rolling. Believe me, I want this as much as anybody. I’m running out of my sample!

  • neko

    hey, dan: i’ve never tried BP in the fridge. but as Wash DC is now heading into our typically hot/humid summertime, i’ll give it a try; will advise!

  • erik

    interesting idea, dan. i think i’m gonna try it!

  • abraham


  • Hat Trick

    Hey Dan, I’ve taken this a step further. I chill the DKR face wash, BP, and moisturizer. I also only use cold water. I’ve found this to be wonderful for clearing up acne and red spots. I’ve only been doing this for about four days and have found immediate and unusually obvious results. I’ve been on your regimen since early June 2007 and this is by far the most effective it’s ever been.

  • Gary

    There is a book called the Acne Cure, written by Dermatologists. They recommend icing the skin down, and applying chilled BP to a wet face actually.

  • Gina

    Icing the skin first ( not to the point of frozen, just cold) and then applying cold BP does work. I reccommend you do this as an evening regimen after you have cleansed and toned your skin. In the am try cleansing, toning, an AHA/BHA serum, and an oil-free spf which should also serve as a light moisturizer. Visit an esthetician for facials. They can customize a treatment program to help reduce future break-outs.

  • neko

    well, i tried putting my BP in the fridge — it’s OTC 10% stuff. it felt nice going on, but havent noticed any difference in efficacy. the other thing: the label says the product should be stored at room temperature, so not sure what, if any, break-down occurs in the ingredients when it’s refrigerated ….

    any biochemists out there who can comment authoritatively ??

  • Amanda

    I put aloe vera in the fridge before applied it to the face felt pretty nice too!

  • belinda

    this sounds like an awesome idea!! the days are getting steamy this will be great! thank you

  • Christopher

    Well ! Try this one !

    I bought some zink tablets and C vitamin tablets… then I crushed the zinc and vitamin C tablets together with some water and applying on the face… your face is like a MIRACLE after.. seriously.. I’ve had no pimple one week after use everyday. It stop prevent and your acne scars goes away so fast.

  • Apryl

    hey i just joined AND im kind of confussed have u ever heard of proactive solution yeah thats what i have its got 2.5% bp is that kind of like ur stuff
    cuz if its the same i wanna try this method but yeah comment or message me back im really confused
    oh and whats ur AHA???

  • Walk The Wire

    Don’t drink it accidentally.

  • jessica

    yep that makes sense, last time i saw a dermitologist he perscribed this stuff to me with a high percentage of BP and it actually said right on the packaging to refridgerate. 🙂 didn’t work for me though that stuffs too harsh…

  • L

    sounds good, but im completely clear right now so if i had any change in my routine i would be afraid i’d break out again. thanks though

  • Devin

    dan is the man, I love you

  • Knati

    Hi dan well for me the BP product togethe wit oral antibiotic(erythromycin ) and it really work. Why not give it a try .

  • al chemist

    Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) can be unstable in a concentrated form and refrigerating assists in stability and longevity of the solution, similarly with Hydrogen Peroxide. BP is an oxidant and reduces organic material, in this capacity it is an effective biocide and antibacterial. As an oxidant it also acts as a bleaching agent on organic material, for example a concentrated solution will oxidise your skin and give a resulting white appearance. Peroxides are widely used in facial and “other” “Bleaching Creams”.
    A 2.5% concentration of BP will irritate some skin producing redness and irritation while other skin will show no signs of irritation. No two skins are exactly alike!.
    Whats important and is often a mitigating factor in facial skin irritation is the cleansing process prior to application of BP.
    Harsh detergents, high pH soaps and some micro abrasive exfoliating “beads” often do more harm than good. While using these products may make your skin feel cleansed and fresh there is often a feeling of tightness and associated dryness with occasional minor irritation. Applying BP onto your skin in this condition will increase the chance of irritation and inflamatation.
    I suggest using a gentle neutral or slightly acidic non-soap/detergent facial cleaning product first and rinsing thoroughly with CLEAN TEPID or cool water so no traces of the cleaning product remain on your face.
    Apply BP sparingly (cooled, refrigerated, if you like) to outbreaks and don’t overuse!
    Good luck!

  • aviator

    ive been on the regimen for a little over 2 weeks and out of no where today my face turned really red and really itchy and tight, its not really dry and its not flaking but any idea why this might have happened? it hasnt happened since i started using the regimen until now.