I’m happy to announce that the jojoba oil is for sale. Details:

– 100% organic (Our partner farm were the first in the world to grow organic jojoba)
– 8 ounce bottle
– Dispenses one drop at a time or in larger quantities (I think you’ll like the cap. It’s cool.)
– $14.75 (I managed to keep it under $15 like I wanted!)

If you try it, please post about it on the boards so we can all learn how you like to use it.

More info on the jojoba oil page of Acne.org.

Once you’ve tried it, please post your honest review.


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  • David

    This is great news thanks Dan. for the past months i have been waiting to try your jojoba oil I’m very glad its finally out. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort.

  • aminiche

    Awesome. Any news on when the AHA will be available?

  • aminiche

    Does the jojoba go on greasy or oily? If you could compare it to the current moisturizer, how would it rate?

  • Mario


    Now get those SA pads out and I’ll be 100% complete 😉

    *begs for SA from you, off-topic I know, but begs anyway*

  • John Shep

    I am very excited for the jojoba oil! I i dont mean to rush you but do u ave a more precise date when your AHA is going to be released? And the AHA will help fade acne mark faster? And do you applyit before you put the BP on?

    Thankyou dan for all you hi quality products

  • Ken

    I use jojoba oil, and it does a fine job of moisturizing, however, given that many online soap making websites and vitamin shops already sell jojoba oil at discount prices, example being jojobacompany.com, your jojoba doesn’t offer too much distinguishing features to justify purchase. However, I have bought your BHA gel, and and it is an attractive and effective niche product.

    I have been looking forward to you coming out with a BHA lotion that’s effective in combating blackheads, Paula’s Choice BHA lotions/creams/gels have been selling briskly from what I’ve heard, and if you could come up with a similar product with a better price, I think it would make more business sense than selling jojoba oil, which is widely available online and off line.



  • Friend

    AHH! DAN plese quick get that AHA out Quiiiiick!!! or at least give an update on progress pleases im a desperate for thiss Alpha hydroxy ACID!

  • Bryan

    Hey dan, im looking forward to your AHA bro, do you have any dates as of now??? Or could you atleast let me know how it’s going. Thanks for all the efforts man. Deeply appeciate it.

  • Alice

    I agree with Ken. I have been using Paula’s Choice BHA products in the past. They are excellent. However they started to cut the product size almost in half and raise the price. I am hoping to find a more affordable option from Daniel Kern. I hope you are up for the challenge. I don’t mind buying large size package, so that I don’t have to order it all the time and pay for S&S.

  • Bruce

    I have been using a product called Sulfaderm by HealingEdge Science. It cleared up my pocked severe acne face and neck in 36 hours. The acne never returned. I was told it may of been a staph infection.

    Good luck to you all.

  • Chris Khoo

    Hey Dan,

    Is it possible to use jojoba instead of the moisturizer?