I recently heard about a group called Nonviolent Peaceforce. They are a group of people committed to peace who are trained to save children from youth armies, to mediate conflicts before wars start, and to protect humanitarian workers in remote areas. Since they have to travel to far-flung regions to settle disputes, they need reliable transportation. A few of the groups don’t have transportation right now. For $1500 we can buy them a motorbike that will allow one of their groups to take their work to many more communities. So we’re doin’ it! I’m sending the check today. I like this cause in particular because it is concrete. We know what they need, and we know that our relatively small donation will really make a difference.

Thanks to all of you guys who keep ordering.


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  • Bryan Villarin

    I’m so stoked you’re doing this – you rock, Dan (and company)!

  • Debra (Khrysalis)

    Hey I’m all for it! Glad my purchases are helping others. πŸ™‚

  • David

    Dan your generosity surely warms the heart. Even though you spend all your time investing in new and better skin products, you still have time to care about other problems in the world. All I can say is amazing, just darn amazing.

  • Erika Shatz

    Dear Dan and Friends,
    Thank you for supporting Nonviolent Peaceforce by donating a motorcyle! Nonviolent Peaceforce sends professionally trained, paid, cilivians to provide unarmed peacekeeping in regions of violent conflict in the world. We are respected in these regions because we are invited by local human rights leaders, and we are non-partisan. We work armed and unarmed parties in conflicts. Would you believe we have 10 people apply for every position we have open? Nonviolent Peaceforce, “What to say YES to when you say NO to war”.

  • Debra (Khrysalis)

    I’m all 4 it!!! πŸ™‚