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  • Debra Yurschak

    Excellent additions to the “library.” Very informative and well-written. I enjoyed reading these. Well done, Dan and Brandy! 🙂

  • BarryAllen

    Thank you again for articulating about stress and acne. I learned and always say that stress isn’t real; that is, you can’t go out and fill a cup with stress. Stress is how you choose to react to different events and circumstances in your life. Stress is about your self-skills, coping skills, and interpersonal skills.

    You can always use these skills and evolve from day-to-day. Keep learning, loving and growing. Meditate always (whatever form or forms work for you), do breathework, and realize that in any given moment (all you have is now BTW) you have a choice about your actions/reactions. Choose positive, be grateful, and see everything as experience and growth, not positive/negative.