I still need to find out more specifics, but since I said I would post regarding the products, here’s what I know so far. Keep in mind that you never know what can pop up and get in the way of production, so the time lines are simply guesses and could vary widely.

8oz. Organic Jojoba Oil:
Being filled today! I hope to have it for sale in the coming weeks/month.

6oz. AHA + lichochalcone: Finalizing artwork for labels. I’m hoping to get it filled next month and perhaps have it for sale in May or June. I can’t wait to get this out to you guys. I think it’s incredible.

6oz. Salicylic Acid + ingredients that calm and soothe acne-prone skin: We’re still pretty far off on this one. I’ve finished tweaking it to get it as perfect as I can. However, since I do not find salicylic acid as effective as benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acid, I am planning on releasing it in only a very limited amount to see what you guys think. I might not even put it on the store, and instead just let people know on the boards and on the blog where they can order it. Once, and if, we’ve decided we love it, I’ll make it in larger quantities.


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  • Mario

    I need the SA! Got allergic to BP (rare, but poor me, eh?) . I am still on your wonderfull regimen, doing it EXACTLY like the video’s, but I swap out BP for SA. Of course, not as effective, but MUCH better then anything else I’ve ever done, and I would rather have your SA pads than the stuff in the store.

    The SA could be the regimen for those that can’t use BP. For those of us, 80% effective is better than 0%! So I’m all for your SA.

  • Gyroscope352

    You’re killing me with this salicylic acid, Dan! I have been waiting for it for so long… 😉

  • Dan

    Sorry Gyro. I am working on everything as quickly as I can. I’ll give an update again soon.

  • thp1017

    another vote for SA – I use it now instead of BP in the mornings especially – although the AHA might do a great replacement then, if I could get rid of the BP and get the same, or very close to the same results, I would – no more bleached clothes! 😀 Plus I live in a high-altitude area, so I’m somewhat concerned about using AHA every day, even with a high SPF sunscreen…

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to set up preorders so we can get these products as soon as possible? I’m REALLY looking forward to that AHA and jojoba!!!

  • Anonymous

    My only wish is that you make the products as pure as possible. The problem with all the products on the market is that they are filled with so much shit besides the real ingredients(SA, AHA..)


    I Hope you get that AHA in your store fast lol! I am so exited b/c its hard findingg that product in canada and its hard buying from drugstore.com b/c of all that shipping to canada weirdness. Thankyou DAN You ARE DA BEST!

  • Ricki

    Hi Dan, thanks for making all the wonderful products. I’m wondering how are the ingredients diff between your moisturizer and the SA and AHA? E.g. Do the SA and AHA contains jojoba oil, like the moisturizer? Cuz my face and jojoba oil do not agree with each other. Thanks!

  • Dan

    Anonymous, I haven’t done pre-orders because I can’t guarantee when anything will be ready.

    Anonymous, I try to make the products as simple and “elegant” as possible, as they say in the chemistry world.

    Joey Appleseed, we’re working on getting products Internationally distributed, but this will likely take years.

    Ricki, The SA and AHA are quite different, but neither contains jojoba oil.

    Fanciso, I haven’t heard of that stuff. Interesting though. Thanks.

  • aminiche

    Can the Jojoba be used as a standalone moisturizer? How does it perform next to the current Regimen moisturizer if you have tried it? Thanks.

  • Dan

    To get rid of flakiness entirely, I had to use probably 6 or more drops of jojoba. This left me kinda shiny, so it’s not an ideal stand alone moisturizer for me. But I’m curious to see how it works for other people.

  • Liz

    I’m really looking forward to the jojoba oil. Hope it comes up pretty soon and hopefully, this one can be shipped internationally? =D

  • aminiche

    Dan, do you think you will go back to offering the BP in tubes? I really dont see why some users have such a big problem with it. I personally like the bottles.

  • Michele

    Thought about adding ALA and DMAE (anti inflammatory products) to your moisturizer) to your moisturizer?
    Thought about the benefits of treating both acne and preventing wrinkles at the same time? I have done a lot of research in this area, and i believe it is a great avenue for you… or someone out there… Want to know more? Please write back!
    Michele = )

  • Lisa

    Dan, I’m also really looking foward to the SA. I use both SA and BP. I can’t use AHA (it makes my face bright red), so the SA is crucial for me as an exfoliant. An acne.org SA product would be a skinsaver (and probably a cash-saver). Thanks!

  • I_Have_Bad_Acne

    Dan when these products come out can you please tell us what they are and what they are intended for?

    Also when are you coming out with a product for red marks

  • Elly

    I love your products, at first I thought nobody can help me with my acne problems, I tried almost everything, you name it, from Proactiv to Murad, nothing worked for me. Just 3 days before Christmas I found your website when I was really frustated with my acne. At that time I decided to try, why not, it’s very affordable too….. I got the package on Jan 3rd, and I’ve been using them almost 4 months now…. and my skin has never look better!

    I can’t wait to try your jojoba oil….


  • OP

    Michele: I’ve heard of DMAE anti inflammatory properties in the book “The Clear Skin Prescription”. I second your thought about adding DMAE.

  • Dan

    A few responses:

    The BP will stay in bottles for now.

    I have not thought about adding ALA and DMAE tot he moisturizer. Please email me with more details on those so I can look into it.

    I will try to do a better job at telling people what the products are for and what they’re intended for. Good point. I’ll do some videos about them.

    I’d come out with a product for red marks if that existed. If you know of a type of product like that that you’d like made, let me know exactly what you want and I’ll look into it. But actually, I am pretty much out of resources to launch a new product in the short term. That would have to wait a while probably.

  • Jamie

    DMAE and NV Perricone’s lines are just hype. The research is not very clear and also not enough research for DMAE has been conducted on skin to be conclusive. Personally, I am hoping for a SA product since the exfolient has the ability to exfoliate not only the skin, but inside the pore lining as well since it is lipid soluable. Unlike AHA, it can only exfoliate the surface of the skin since it is water soluable. To formulate a SA product is a bit tricky since its pH level needs to be between 3-4 and in concentrations of 1%-2% SA to be effective. I am hoping that Dan will continue to find a SA product that would be well formulated in a liquid or gel base for people with more normal to oily skin. It would also be great if the product would include antioxidants and anti-irritants as well. I will be patiently waiting for Dan’s next product. =)


    Isn’t AHA made for treating hyper pigmentations ( red marks)? Also what from is the AHA coming in, a gel, a cream or more of a watery substance?
    Thanks for you time and effort

  • Alice

    Another vote for BHA/SA product. Pretty please! It works great. I agree with Jamie 1-2% concentration and Ph between 3-4 will be gentle yet effective exfoliator.

  • Melissa

    I would like to know if you can replace the jojoba oil with the moisturizer, I am concerned with being to oily since I have combination skin.

  • Anonymous

    First day mixing two drops of 100% jojoba oil into my oil-free Olay moisturizer…30 minutes later my face is still a tink greasy looking, but doesn’t have the “slippery shine” feel I usually have by now after washing my face…

    I am African-American. My skin is oily when I do nothing and dry when I try 🙂 I usually get breakouts on my chin, temples and cheeks.

  • Debra (Khrysalis)

    Would love to see an SA product. I’ve actually had some interesting results while using T/Sal, a shampoo that contains 3% SA. In addition to helping with dandruff, I’ve used this product a few times a week as a face cleanser and its helping to knock out my noninflammed acne. So I am really sold on SA, both as a scalp treatment and as a noninflammed acne treatment. BP just doesn’t touch my noninflammed acne.

  • |Luke

    Dan, any idea when SA will be available. Ive been delaying my next order, waiting for some SA, It really helps with blackheads and redness.