Hey you guys. I am very excited to report that I am still clear now that I’m using BP just at night and AHA in the morning. I previously switched to using just AHA at night, but changed it again so I’m using AHA in the morning so that I can wear colorful clothes without worry of bleaching during the day. I am so in love with this AHA. Our formulators did an incredible job. It is in a moisturizing base, and since it works with a different mechanism than BP I can put it on right after I shower without waiting for my skin to dry. Plus, my skin looks and feels great. My tone is even and I have a sixth sense that I have very few microcomedones. This means I have an intuitive sense that I have very few microscopic clogged pores that can cause trouble. So, my new morning routine is:

1. Shower
2. Apply AHA
3. Put on something colorful that I won’t bleach during the day
4. Put on SPF if it’s sunny (AHA makes skin more sensitive to sunlight)
5. Walk out the door

It is much easier than doing the regimen twice a day, so I’m psyched. I’m doing everything I can to get the AHA out to everyone as fast as I can, but these things take time. I’ll post a blog entry about the products in the pipeline in the next day or two.


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  • jonas

    OMG GIVE πŸ˜€ WOOB πŸ˜€ Dan the man go for it, im hungering for that πŸ™‚

    its wonderful, as i only use bp at night anyway, not at morning, both due to time but also the bleacing factor πŸ™‚ maybe i can achieve more significant results then πŸ˜€ najs!

  • t

    How much AHA are you using (compared to the bp gel)?

  • Dan

    I use probably about half. Good question. The AHA is pretty intense, so you don’t want to use as much.

  • Sue Roberts

    Hi there,

    At the moment I use all your products along with jojoba and emu oil ie cleanser, bp, moisturiser/jojoba in the morning. At night cleanser, bp, emu oil/jojoba. Where in this routine would I fit in AHA.

    Many thanks

    Sue Roberts

  • Dan

    Hi Sue,

    You may be able to substitute the BP with the AHA as I have in the morning. Alternately, you can use the AHA as your new moisturizer once a day. Also, the AHA works great for me as a spot treatment should I need it.

  • Wes Haddox

    I have a problem Dan. I completely switched over to your regimen and have gotten Accutane like results. But now that you suggest AHA I can’t find a SPF that won’t make my skin break out into tons of small red bumps.

    Thank you for your site and products,

    Wes Haddox

  • Tim

    Hi Dan.

    If someone were to use this new method of AHA in the morning and BP at night, how much would it cost them compared to always using BP? I know its early and you may not have a price estimate for the AHA yet, but won’t it get quite expensive to use it on the whole face once everyday?

  • Debra Yurschak

    Hi Dan,
    So is the AHA you’re developing supposed to be a bleach-free alternative to BP for acne treatment? Will you be experimenting with phasing out BP altogether from your own personal routine? Or will BP still be an important element in your routine? I’m just unclear if the 2 products are designed to work together, or if they can be used interchangeably, depending on personal preference. Hope I’m clear.

    Debra in CT

  • Dan

    Wes, have you tried Neutrogena UltraSheer? It’s been working OK for me the past week or so.

    Tim, it should hopefully cost no less and no more. This AHA I’m making is crazy expensive to produce, but you have to use less than you do BP, so it should all “come out in the wash”.

    Debra, for me this AHA is proving a bleach free alternative to BP in the mornings. I tried using it twice a day just to see if I can use only this product, but it is too much for my skin that often. AHA is a powerful exfoliator and twice a day leaves me a little red. I have a feeling BP will need to stay an important part of my routine, at least at night. I also am uncertain whether everyone will have the same incredible results that I’m having with the AHA. I really hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see. I have a strong feeling people will love it though.

  • Debra Yurschak

    Unbleached articles, no after-shower wait, killing 2 steps with one–yeah, I can see where a lot of people, esp. those with busy lifestyles and crazy morning commutes to the office, will prefer the AHA, even if only for the convenience. Very interesting. Thanks for clarifying, Dan! πŸ™‚

  • Nick M

    i can’t wait!!, ive heard great things about this AHA, and want to give it a try

  • Carroll

    So the BP is what’s causing my clothes to bleach. Uggh!! I have thrown out so many good clothes because of that. But it’s weird because it’s just so random…it just pops up every now and then when I take clothes out of the washer…one thing out of the entire load will have a stain…and it’s not an immediate thing like you would expect if you spilled bleach on your clothes. Like this morning I took out a pair of shorts that had a dollar-sized bleach stain on the rear…how on earth would that get there?!

    As far as using the AHA in morning and BP only at night, it’s funny you say that because that’s exactly what I started doing about a week or two ago. It had been working well, but in the last few days I started getting some bumps. perhaps I wasn’t being as diligent or thorough with the AHA as I should have been. I have been using the neutrogena lotion with AHA which actually comes with a built in spf 15 sunscreen. Do you think this will work for me as well as the stuff you are using/formulating, Dan? Thanks!

    Also, any other advice whatsoever as to howe to deal with the bleaching would be appreciated!!

  • Gary

    Hi Dan,

    Does the AHA dry your skin? Normally, I only use BP in the evening. In the AM, after showering I apply a generous amount of the moisturizer, as my skin does become dry overnight, and after I get out of the shower. Does the AHA have soothing properties?

    Thanks Dan.

  • Dan

    I think the AHA I’m making may be a better bet than anything you can find because of the addition of lichochalcone. Then again, AHA by itself is pretty awesome, so you may be able to get away with any 10% AHA. I’m uncertain. I guess a bunch of people will need to try it.

    As far as my personal trial is going, I have been back on the regimen twice a day with BP twice a day because I’ve been loading on different sunscreens every day and murdering my skin πŸ™‚ I need to BP twice a day as well as the AHA once a day to stay clear while I’m doing this sampling of different SPFs every day.

    AHA does not dry my skin. Quite the contrary, it hardcore moisturizes. It is also very soothing. My skin looks awesome when I’m using it. It’s as much a beauty product really as anything else. People without acne will love it I suspect.

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Switched to AHA in the morning and BP at night and I’m still clear! This is huge!, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Travis

    How did this end up working out for you Dan?

  • Camille

    Hi Dan, I’m also curious as to how this routine is working once a day. I have been doing something similar to your regimen for about two weeks and haven’t had a bump yet. I wash at night and use 10% Bp. In the morning I use Alpha Hydrox 10%. So only my pillow cases get bleached. Lol. I just ordered your treatment because the mini container of Bp that I got is running out, plus I read that the 2.5% is just as good as the 10%.