I forgot to mention on the last blog post that I was able to donate another 2000 cleanser samples and 2000 benzoyl peroxide samples to Clear Up Skin Care. This is really thanks to all of you guys who are ordering Acne.org products. It’s your orders that allow me to give like this. Also, I still have the $25,000 that I set aside earlier this year for giving. It’s sitting in a money market gathering interest. When the perfect opportunity arises I’ll give that as well. I have a few ideas stirring regarding that money and I’ll keep you guys posted.


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  • Anonymous

    donate to one of those places that study vaccines and or cures against acne πŸ˜€ some really seem to have come a long way πŸ™‚

  • aminiche

    Why not use this money to make the products cheaper for us? $25,000 could probably cut the prices in half, not to mention the amount of money spent on all of those free samples. Pass it on to your loyal customers.

  • jonas

    amaniche you damn ego ? do you realize some of us are allergic / over sensitive to the products .. apperently selfishness doesnt have and boundairies indeed .. and btw i dont mind dan take a dollar extra, if he spends it on research that might cure us from this agony.. thou i feel wasting/using them on people that comforts other with it is waste.. not that it isnt good.. i can just sit here in europe and watch him saying mhh.. should i donate to research that could cure everyone.. or should i make 1/20 feel alittle better.. why not a little better.. while we on the other side of the world can continue our misery :/.. i miss my gf i lost due to this curse . . :'((

  • aminiche

    If your gf dumped you because of acne then trust me pal… she wasn’t the one. It was difficult making sense of your rambling post but let me further explain myself. This site is all we need. There are already programs in public schools that teach what acne is. All we need are for teachers in schools to get the word out about acne.org. Students can visit the site and learn about it and ways to treat it. And what better way to get more people to visit, then lower priced products!!!

  • NYRZ

    Dan, keep doing what you are doing. I trust your intentions and motives, and believe you will do the right thing

    As for Aminiche and Jonas, you two need to relax. There is a fundamental problem in lowering prices in thinking that you enhance loyalty or what not, the reality is some things need to hold its price. I prefer not to give you a finance lesson , as I am sure the economy woes around you, will do.

  • California Girl

    Hi- My name is Sara, and I just wanted to say that I suffered terrible acne for nearly 5 years of my young adulthood. I was sometimes too embarassed about my face to even go out with my friends and be social. I’d always hide from the light. One day last fall I decided I’d had enough. I started, on my own, using Cetaphil cleanser in combination with Aveeno Daily Scrub beads once a day in the shower. Once out and my face dry, I applied 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide followed by a pearl-sized amount of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. To my amazement, my skin started clearing up right away. One to two months later, the redness/peeling had totally subsided, and I wasn’t even getting ONE BLEMISH at all anymore. Occasionally, during my menstrual cycle, I’ll see a tiny whitehead or two, but that’s it!! I definately recommend also drinking tons of water, and not smoking or drinking excessively. I just want to tell people who’ve tried EVERYTHING, like I did for years, that this is the only regimen that has worked successfully for me. I’ve also noticed my red spots (acne scars) progressively subsiding over time.

  • Debra in CT

    That’s awesome that a portion of my money spent on your products is going to a charitable cause. I’m all for it! πŸ™‚

  • andy

    Hey Dan,

    That is really wonderful of you. I’ve been buying your product ever since you started making them and have been clear for a while before that thanks to your website. It has been so many years that I can almost take acne for granted, but then, within a few seconds, I can remember how excruciating I was. I don’t remember quite the sensation, but I remember having them, remember how enclosed I felt, how much I wanted to always be in the dark if possible. And I wish I’d had this sort of help when I was much younger, so I wouldn’t have let so much of my youth trickle away. I am glad to be part of this, and am in constant awe of your generosity and good will.


  • Tania

    I just purchased my first treatment bottle from your site. I did not know that my purchase would contribute to a good cause, and I am glad that I found out. The prices for your regimen are low in comparison to EVERYTHING out there in the market. Yes, I am skeptical about the regimen, but like you said: “do be skeptical” in regards to anything we read about on the internet. πŸ™‚

    Your generosity is what we need as a model. Please keep doing what you do, and thank you.


  • jonas

    tss.. what about getting rid og the agony instead of petting people with it πŸ˜› .. sorry if im ego, i know its a good cause, very good.. but me seing everything fall apart on the other side of the world, i simply just cant.. i mean all goes to the kids in US.. i mean its so narrow and limited and it doesnt help the problem to be gone :/..