I’m happy to announce that the jojoba oil is for sale. Details:

– 100% organic (Our partner farm were the first in the world to grow organic jojoba)
– 8 ounce bottle
– Dispenses one drop at a time or in larger quantities (I think you’ll like the cap. It’s cool.)
– $14.75 (I managed to keep it under $15 like I wanted!)

If you try it, please post about it on the boards so we can all learn how you like to use it.

More info on the jojoba oil page of Acne.org.

Once you’ve tried it, please post your honest review.

I recently heard about a group called Nonviolent Peaceforce. They are a group of people committed to peace who are trained to save children from youth armies, to mediate conflicts before wars start, and to protect humanitarian workers in remote areas. Since they have to travel to far-flung regions to settle disputes, they need reliable transportation. A few of the groups don’t have transportation right now. For $1500 we can buy them a motorbike that will allow one of their groups to take their work to many more communities. So we’re doin’ it! I’m sending the check today. I like this cause in particular because it is concrete. We know what they need, and we know that our relatively small donation will really make a difference.

Thanks to all of you guys who keep ordering.

Since I’ve been using the 10% AHA every morning, my skin is much more sensitive to the sun, necessitating a good SPF during the day. I was using a zinc oxide based SPF for the first few weeks with great results. My skin was 100% clear. Then, against my better judgement, I decided to try an avobenzone based sunscreen. Avobenzone based sunscreens have always caused breakouts for me in the past, but I like how they go on less white than zinc oxide based sunscreens. Thanks to the AHA I managed to use the avobenzone for a few days with no problems, but finally did end up with a few small comedones. Me no like. I immediately went off avobenzone and back on a zinc oxide SPF and the breakout is fading. This is probably the fourth time an avobenzone based sunscreen has caused me problems. I guess I’m ready to declare that avobenzone is comedogenic at least on my skin.

I still need to find out more specifics, but since I said I would post regarding the products, here’s what I know so far. Keep in mind that you never know what can pop up and get in the way of production, so the time lines are simply guesses and could vary widely.

8oz. Organic Jojoba Oil:
Being filled today! I hope to have it for sale in the coming weeks/month.

6oz. AHA + lichochalcone: Finalizing artwork for labels. I’m hoping to get it filled next month and perhaps have it for sale in May or June. I can’t wait to get this out to you guys. I think it’s incredible.

6oz. Salicylic Acid + ingredients that calm and soothe acne-prone skin: We’re still pretty far off on this one. I’ve finished tweaking it to get it as perfect as I can. However, since I do not find salicylic acid as effective as benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acid, I am planning on releasing it in only a very limited amount to see what you guys think. I might not even put it on the store, and instead just let people know on the boards and on the blog where they can order it. Once, and if, we’ve decided we love it, I’ll make it in larger quantities.

Because I know that AHA makes you more sensitive to the sun, normally I’ll put SPF on over it. But yesterday, because I thought I was just running a few errands and wouldn’t be in the sun very long, I decided against the SPF step. I was out for a couple of hours, getting in and out of my car, walking to and from, here and there. I really wasn’t out in the sun all that long, but still, my forehead got quite red. I just wanted to share my experience as a little warning to everyone who is using, or about to use, AHA. We have to be more cognizant of sun exposure while applying this stuff.

Hey you guys. I am very excited to report that I am still clear now that I’m using BP just at night and AHA in the morning. I previously switched to using just AHA at night, but changed it again so I’m using AHA in the morning so that I can wear colorful clothes without worry of bleaching during the day. I am so in love with this AHA. Our formulators did an incredible job. It is in a moisturizing base, and since it works with a different mechanism than BP I can put it on right after I shower without waiting for my skin to dry. Plus, my skin looks and feels great. My tone is even and I have a sixth sense that I have very few microcomedones. This means I have an intuitive sense that I have very few microscopic clogged pores that can cause trouble. So, my new morning routine is:

1. Shower
2. Apply AHA
3. Put on something colorful that I won’t bleach during the day
4. Put on SPF if it’s sunny (AHA makes skin more sensitive to sunlight)
5. Walk out the door

It is much easier than doing the regimen twice a day, so I’m psyched. I’m doing everything I can to get the AHA out to everyone as fast as I can, but these things take time. I’ll post a blog entry about the products in the pipeline in the next day or two.

I’ve been a big fan of 10% glycolic acid for years. I’ve found that it’s a great spot treatment and seen it work great on people’s body acne as well. Recently I decided to make one for us myself, and added lichochalcone, a powerful licorice root extract which may be incredible at interrupting the inflammation cascade (it’ll be out in the coming months).

At any rate, I started using this new 10% AHA + lichochalcone in the evenings in place of my usual moisturizer a few weeks ago. My skin has been 100% perfect since then. The regimen usually keeps me clear, but every so often I’ll at least see something minor trying to pop up that I need to zap with AHA. But since I started using the AHA at night, I am in no fear of having anything whatsoever. It’s pretty great. So, in the interest of experimentation, as of two days ago I started using only the AHA at night and eliminating the benzoyl peroxide. So far so good. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

I should mention that I am also trying different SPF formulations pretty much every day in an attempt to formulate the perfect SPF for us. Playing with two variables at the same time (eliminating BP at night and changing SPF each day) is not the smartest way to figure out what works and what doesn’t, so my experiment is a bit flawed. Regardless, if I can stay completely clear with just AHA at night, even with changing my SPF moisturizer every day, that’ll be pretty cool.

I forgot to mention on the last blog post that I was able to donate another 2000 cleanser samples and 2000 benzoyl peroxide samples to Clear Up Skin Care. This is really thanks to all of you guys who are ordering Acne.org products. It’s your orders that allow me to give like this. Also, I still have the $25,000 that I set aside earlier this year for giving. It’s sitting in a money market gathering interest. When the perfect opportunity arises I’ll give that as well. I have a few ideas stirring regarding that money and I’ll keep you guys posted.