Clear Up Skin Care is a non-profit that I’ve worked with and supported for years now. Debi, the founder, visits middle schools and high schools and teaches about acne and self-esteem. She also has satellite teachers around the country who do the same. I have personally sat in on a class and Debi is a natural with the kids. It is all a very, very cool thing. Recently, Debi stopped by my home and I interviewed her and posted a video of her here. Check it out. Oh, and if you’re looking for a great non-profit to support, this would be a great one.


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  • austinwoman

    Interesting endeavor. Tend to agree w/your viewpoint that more publicity about what a medical aggravation it is will make it less stigmatized and make those that suffer it feel less alone.

  • Anonymous

    rather spend my money on something that might cure this agony, than to use my money on someone that pats people with it on the other side of the world :S.. :/ .. 🙁