Ever since a few years ago when Paul (real maverick) introduced many of us to jojoba oil, word has spread and now lots of us are using it. I always make sure to have some around. Lately I’ve been using it for lip balm at night. I found an awesome organic grower and I’ll be bottling it for us soon hopefully. In the meantime I made a page all about jojoba where you can read up.


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  • Shanathalas

    Hi Dan,

    That was a pretty good article and jojoba sounds pretty good. Only thing is that I’ve seen from a lot of sources that Macadamia Nut oil is apparently the most like human sebum.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly which is true.

  • Ann

    Hi Dan,

    Smarth choice using jojoba oil. I am a massage therapist that is extremenly fussy about the quality of products I use. I have found this cold pressed organic jojoba oil from calif. that is incredible for my clients skin and does not cause any breakouts or reactions even to those that are extremely sensitive. And it is wonderfully healing to the skin. Way to go!!

  • Jeremy


  • tooth fairy

    Hi Dan,
    I have heard that tea tree oil is a good moisturizer for the skin. Why do you recommend the jojoba oil instead if the tea oil?


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