10% AHA: It’s been finalized and I am super in love with it. It will have 3 uses; as a spot treatment, as a body acne treatment, and as a hard-core AHA moisturizer. I’ve been using it every morning instead of the usual moisturizer and my skin is ridiculously perfect. I am going to place an order tomorrow for the tubes and product and will launch this product in a 6oz. size. Eventually if you guys are as in love with it as I am we can fill it in other sizes. I’ll put it in a tube because, um, I guess you guys like tubes better 🙂 We’re looking at probably three or four more months to launch. Sorry it’s taken so long. I wanted to get it exactly perfect. My best guess is it will cost between $12 and $15. The stuff is crazy expensive to produce because glycolic acid is so expensive and we have other expensive ingredients in there (lichochalcone for instance is $6,000 per kilogram), but as usual I’ll price it as low as I can.

Jojoba: I’m also ready to place an order tomorrow for the organic jojoba oil. I will launch this in an 8oz. size. I’m hoping this will be out before the AHA. I’m aiming to price it in the $12-$15 range as well. Again, if you guys really want it, I can start to fill it in smaller and larger sizes as well.

Salicylic acid + anti-inflammatories + sebum reducers: It’s good to go as well. I’ll order it up in a small quantity most likely and launch it in a 4oz. tube. This one is more of a wild-card. The vast majority of people who I have asked to try it have reported that it’s the best sal acid they’ve ever tried, but can it approach the efficacy of benzoyl peroxide? Benzoyl peroxide is so good that I don’t expect anything to match it. But then again, it may meet a need for people who don’t like benzoyl peroxide for some reason. I am also excited to see how you guys fit it into your own regimens. Launch date: 3-4 months. Price: Hopefully I can keep it under $10.

SPF: Your guess, as usual, is as good as mine. I continue trying samples and I am not loving anything. Most recently I tried a powder sunscreen–pure minerals. I hated it. It made me flaky and left a kinda weird feeling on my face all day. I’m so frustrated that I decided I am going to start working “on the bench” as they call it in the formulating world. What this means is I’m going to visit a local renown formulator and trial samples right there on the spot and ask him to change things as I watch. I am setting an intention to produce the world’s best sunscreen for acne prone skin, and gosh darn it, I don’t care how long it takes. We’ll do it! 🙂

New and improved moisturizer: More samples are on their way. I will keep you posted.


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  • erik

    thx so much for the updates. i’m really looking forward to the AHA and SA!! can’t wait to try em out.

  • erik

    oops, as far as the moisturizer, did you get complaints that the old one was extremely watery? that was my big complaint with that particular product.

  • Dan

    People love the watery-ness actually. I’ve gotten two main complaints: stinging and wanting it to be more moisturizing. I’m working on both. However, I think after BP, almost any moisturizer may give some sting or at least “warming”, but I’m trying my best to look at every part of it down to every ingredient and alternative.

  • Emma

    Hi Dan – I love your moisturizer! I dont get any stinging (which I get with Eucerin) but it isnt as moisturizing as the Eucerin so I use yours in the morning and Eucerin at night. However I much prefer the way yours goes on and feels – it doesnt leave my skin feeling oily -so definately keep on it!
    As to the Salicylic acid + anti-inflammatories + sebum reducers are you still using it? Can you give us a suggested regimen showing us how you use both when you launch the product?
    Thanks for everything you do Dan!

  • Dan

    I’m always using something new to test it out. Lately I’ve been using the AHA in the morning. As of yesterday I started using a new moisturizer. Today I get another moisturizer sample in the mail. As far as the sal acid goes, I do not have a recommended regimen for it. I am going to rely on you guys to let each other know how it best works for you guys.

  • David

    Dan i love the moisterizer! Although people complain about stinging and watery-ness, I think it smells great and absorbs very well unlike cetaphil which leaves my skin feeling oily and suffocated.

  • Lynda

    Hi Dan! Well, let me just tell you that the minute you have the AHA treatment/moisterizer and the sunscreen i am MOST DEFINITELY going to be purchasing those. I love your treatment gel so much, and i really wanted to try the cleanser but my mom won’t let me order online stuff for a while but i’m for sure ordering the new ones that are coming out soon. Thanks so much for your products- the gel literally saved my skin and changed my life [dramatic i know] but it’s true!

  • Emily

    I also am excited for AHA. I’m interested in the jojoba oil…but why is that good to put on your face skin? why doesn’t it cause break outs? I always want to know how things work, and why, so if you have a minute to inform me of the purposes of jojoba i’d love it!

    also yes, the tubes are great! but please keep the face cleanser and lotion in bottles. And i have absolutely zero complaints about the moisturizer-it smells good, doesn’t sting, goes on smooth without feeling heavy (that’s my issue-I want moisturizers to feel weightless), and doesn’t cause breakouts!

    Thanks for all the exciting new products! Looking forward to more fun times at the bathroom sink….hey, ever think of making a face mask? it’s always nice to purify!

  • Samuel

    Hi, i checked out Glycolic acid from wikipedia and this’s what I get –

    Glycolic acid is isolated from natural sources and is inexpensively available.

    Glycolic acid can also be prepared using an enzymatic biochemical process which produces fewer impurities compared to traditional chemical synthesis, requires less energy in production and produces less co-product.[3] This process is used by the specialty chemical company CrossChem.

    Maybe its just your source?

  • bryon

    My sister told me about this micro silver solution stuff that they use in hospitals. apparently it was really good. has anyone else heard or tried something like this?

  • Jillian

    Dan, thank you a million times for all your work on this. I’ve only recently begun using your moisturizer again and while I wasn’t a huge fan initially, I LOVE it now that my face has better adjusted to the regimen.

    I’m looking forward to a Salicylic Acid product from you!! I’ve never been able to get the regimen to work with my chin/mouth area and use SA only in that area. I WISH I could use BP there since it works so well on the rest of my face… but no matter how slowly I try to build up the BP, my skin just won’t go along with it. SA seems easier for it to handle.

    Thank you for keeping an open mind with your products and for trying new things.

  • Shari

    Hi Dan,

    When do you think it will be available?


  • Jane

    for sunscreen — try the ingredient they use in europe. i can’t remember what it’s called, but for now in the US it’s only available through a 15 spf lotion from La Roche Posay. it took forever to get it approved by the FDA, and seems to be highly restricted. but in europe it’s in all the sunscreens, and they don’t give you that chemically feeling after you’ve been in the sun a while, and even the high SPFs have bene non-irritating to me (and my skin is very sensitive — i get a reaction from using avobenzone and other regular US sunscreen ingredients).

  • vincent

    Dan, you are the best!! Thanks so much for not settling for anything less than perfect. Your formulation of bp was perrrfect.
    Can’t wait for the aha and the spf!

  • jb

    So this AHA – who should try it? Maybe some sort of sample program? Good for neck/chest without all that annoying bleaching from BP? That intrigues me….

  • Linda

    Any idea when the new products will be posted for sale? I’m trying to hold off placing an order till they have been posted. Thanks!

  • sarah

    On October 19th you wrote an entry saying the following:

    “For instance, I’m adding in lichochalcone, a very powerful anti-inflammatory which is $3000 per kilogram. I know that’s crazy expensive, but I have a very good feeling about this stuff, and we only need to use it at a very low percentage to achieve the desired anti-inflammatory action.”

    …yet in this entry you say that lichochalcone is $6000 per kilogram.


  • Mich

    Hey Dan,

    I’ve been a big fan of your bp gel for years and recently I just ran out of the eurerin skin renewal moisturizer. I stocked up since I knew it was discontinued. I was wondering when the release date for this new aha moisturizer would be??? I’m really intrested in buying it. Thanks for working so hard to bring us great products at affordable prices!

  • rocco

    Mexoryl is the name of the ingredient. Not sure why its not mentioned or commented on. Maybe something to do with patents or something. It is, however, the first sunscreen approved by the FDA in 18 yrs and is supposed to be a real breakthrough as far as blocking both kinds of damaging sun rays.

  • rebecca

    For Dan-Skinceuticals Ultimate UV 30 sunscreen has been a Godsend to me. It never breaks me out. I am highly allergic to any other sunscreen that I put on my face (rash that burns my eyes and cheeks, and clogged pores soon follow) but this one has given me no problems what so ever. Try it out. Semi expensive.