I placed a poll on the Regimen Products messageboard. Please go vote if you can.


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  • erik

    i was wondering why you decided to change the design and ditch the tubes (for now). seems like you could’ve saved a lot of time and money asking us before you went with the changes. doesn’t seem like many people like the new design or are crazy about the pumps.

  • grayzer

    Although I’m a fan of the tubes for convenience, I think the bottle idea has huge potential.

    Where I live the tubes are not recyclable because they are made of softer, more malleable plastic. If you stick to harder plastics in #1 or #2 grade, we can recycle them. So – why not offer us refills in plastic bags or other containers that use fewer materials, then we could rinse out and reuse our bottles and recycle them when we are finished, instead of throwing away all those tubes. And hey, realistically, it should save us all money.

    I just wish big business would do this – think of all the shampoo bottles we could save!

  • mountain people

    I think you should sell refills pack. That way, you can reuse the bottles san save the environment!

  • Random person

    I like bottles more at home and tubes during trips.