Hey you guys. For years people have asked for me to make products in travel size, and also in larger sizes. I always think anything is possible, so I decided to make this happen. We just went live with the new product sizes yesterday. The cleanser and benzoyl peroxide are both available now in small, medium, and large sizes. The moisturizer is in production and the small and large size will be out in early to mid February.

We also completely redesigned the bottles (big surprise, lol, this is the fifth time I think we’ve redone them), and we’re sprucing up DanielKern.com where they’re sold. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the new bottles and new web site.


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  • erik

    i like the various sizes/options and while it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, i don’t care for the new packaging. it’s pretty lame compared to the old style. the old design and colors were great, imo. why did you change (again)? were there complaints? i thought the blue looked sharp and appealing.

    i think i also prefer the tube, as opposed to the pump. i’m not crazy about the whole pump deal. i don’t think it’s necessary, imo. maybe you could give people an option if they want the pump- i’m guessing the pump costs more than just the regular tube or container.

  • Bruce

    I think you’ve done a good job with the new bottles! Even though the blue ones looked great, the new ones look clean and fresh – just like one’s skin after using them 🙂 I am also fond of the fact that the cleanser in the new kit is only 8oz. I normally use the same amount of cleanser (as it lathers so well) as moisturizer. So after two months, I’m out of moisturizer and treatment, but have a lot of cleanser left. Of course this has a lot to do with me living in Norway, always ordering the kit. As for the pump, for me that’s just a question of habit. Keep up the good work, Dan!

  • Dmb211@juno.com

    I am having trouble with the new website. When I go to checkout after picking out my items it tells me that I have no items in my shopping cart. I’ve tried logging in and then out, but nothing seems to work. Also I don’t like the pump option on the BP. I prefer the tube. Less messy and no waste. Please send information a/b the website problems if possible. Thanks.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the comments you guys. I’ll take everything into consideration–the design, the bottles/tubes, and the cart.

  • OP

    Dan, I’m loving the new look. I honestly can’t wait for the BHA gel and the AHA gel to come into the product line. I’ll be looking forward to those the most.

  • Tiger

    I saw on the forum that the new sizes were coming in pumps, and I hurried up to place an order so that I could get the tubes. I’m glad I did. I find the new graphic design to be rather plain, but I didn’t see a problem with the blue tubes except maybe changing the name from Dan Kern’s regimen to Acne.org regimen. I liked having the tubes as 4 oz with the option for 8 oz tubes for those who need more and 2oz tubes for travel. A 4 oz tube lasts me several months as I alternate BHA and BP. The 4 oz tubes are less messy and less unwieldy. I wouldn’t mind the new design as long as you brought back the 4 oz tubes. I’ll even take 8 oz tubes. I just don’t like pumps for when there is not much product left.

  • Anonymous

    My concern about the new pump BP: do the bottles come with a pump AND a cap? Without a cap it is impossible to pack them without BP squirting out everywhere …

  • reverie

    The new design on the packaging isn’t as appealing as the old one. It’s not that important though. I’m ecstatic about the sizes, that means I’ll have to order less often.

  • Dave

    I’m not a big fan of the new lineup, especially with the pump style. I do a lot of travelling with work (and holidays), so will have to get a bunch of the small travel size packs, as well as the large bottles for home. I’ve always tried to avoid pumps in all kinds of face/body products, and they’re a definite no-no for packing in luggage. Any change you could bring back at least the BP gel in a 4oz tube size? I thought the blue design also looked very professional, the new style looks a bit ‘home brand’? 😉

  • jb

    Agree completely with everything Dave said. I like the old packaging better, and why a pump? They are suuuuch a pain to pack.

  • erik

    is there a new timetable for some of the new products? please give us some kind of update.

  • Ditto

    I agree with everything Dave said, too.

  • Pan

    I think the white design looks boring. I like the old blue one better. But I don’t care anyway, I love your products 🙂

  • Pan

    BTW, did you cancel the production of SA?

  • Marie

    What about making a “travel kit” with all the cute 2 oz containers together for us travelers?

    I liked the blue bottles better, the white bottles are a little too plain in my opinion.

  • thp1017

    another idea might be to offer the largest sizes as a ‘refill’ option (or all sizes, really) without the pump, just a screw cap – this could be more economical, then you can either re-use the pump when you get a new bottle, or go get refillable dispensers of any kind and use them instead. this would also be better for the environment – no need to make all the plastic involved in the pump for every order 🙂

  • Nina

    PROs: Cost-effective and saved money, product will last longer before I have to order again
    CONs: The pump and new bottle design suck

    So, perhaps keep the new sizes and ditch the pumps and ugly design?

  • natrone

    The products sure are great. Cant wait for the new additions to the product line. But I do hope that a timetable will be provided on when the new products will be available for purchasing. I hoped we do not need to wait too long for them : )

    Just my personal opinion, who cares about the look of the packaging when the products really address our problems.


  • Anonymous

    I really like the tubes. I don’t care about the design but having a tube makes it easer to carry around and to squize a line onto my finger.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back the 4 ounce tubes, please.

  • Emily

    I don’t really care what the bottles look like. I’m way more concerned with function. I very much like the BP in a TUBE and am not looking forward to another bottle that will take up more space on my already cluttered countertop. The bottle for the cleanser is wonderful. I could go either way with the lotion. It’s fine in a bottle but I wouldn’t mind lotion in a tube as well. It’s just so much easier to travel with things that don’t have pump tops. (and even though it’s unimportant to the way the products work, I do like the blue more)

  • Anonymous

    To me, function is more important than aesthetics, but I will say one things about the new design. If Dan wants to eventually get his product into stores, the blue design looks more professional. Like someone above said, the new design looks “home brand”, and that’s not going to gain the trust of the average consumer. Most of us don’t care what the bottles look like because we all have used the products and love them, but to someone who comes the website the first time, they might be put off by something that looks like it was produced in someone’s basement. Don’t mean to be harsh.

  • Jonathan

    The idea that “home brand” designs won’t sell is ludicrous.

    Have you seen Bert’s Bees?

  • Anonymous

    @Jonathan: Burt’s Bees corporate branding is a terrible example of “home brand” design. There’s nothing “home brand” about it. It’s an instantly-recognizable brand, not something that looks like it was put together in the basement.

    @Dan: To be honest, I think the new design is awful. The simplicity you are going for with the solid-color block is nice, but instantly ruined by the tacky font. Now that you have all these new great products coming out, you really need to spend the money on a professional design team to build a brand image. If you have such a team, you need to find a new one.

    Great products, though! Thanks.

  • Eva

    The tubes are wayyyyy better. As soon as I took a look at the new bottles and stuff, I said to myself “aww man. PUMPS? Why pumps? of all things…” With tubes you can squeeze out whatever you need, with pumps, they squeeze out a whole bunch or sometimes too little. The new design is OK. But the blue was better too =D

  • Jonathan

    “There’s nothing “home brand” about it. It’s an instantly-recognizable brand, not something that looks like it was put together in the basement.”

    Burt’s is recognizable solely because of its “home branding.” Their website even touts their “home brand” heritage. It looks like something created by two amateurs in Microsoft Word, and that’s exactly why people like it. It’s going after the “home remedy” crowd and it’s why the brand got its toehold in the market place in stores like Mast General.

  • Anjali

    I knew I should have ordered stuff like two weeks ago…but I didn’t and now I have to order the pump version…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the tube, especially for the treatment gel! It took up less space on my counter, it packed really easily and pumps seem to squirt everywhere really…

  • Mickey

    The new design and overall look didn’t bother me at all, but the pump definitely did. I like that I can order a bigger size and it’ll be a longer time before I have to order a refill, but at the same time, I liked the 4 oz. size too. You should make that an option again. And you HAVE TO get rid of the pump. You can’t pack it all, and the pump for some reason makes me want to use more BP gel. Now that may be your goal, so we buy more gel haha, but it makes the gel go away faster and then I have to re-order it which defeats the whole purpose of the bigger size. So, in short-

    -The new design isn’t bad or great, I’m kind of indifferent on it. The blue was fine, but the white isn’t bad either.

    -The pump SUCKS. It has GOT to go.

    -You should include the original 4 oz. size as an option. 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. It’d be perfect!

    -Once again, please get rid of the pump and go back to the caps. Even if you keep the current design and size, get rid of the pump!

    I used to order 3 tubes at a time, and with shipping and handling, that would keep me somewhere under $35, which is great. Now if I order 2 8 oz. tubes, or 1 16 oz., it’s somewhere in the $40 range or above, and that’s just a little too much! That’s why I think you should bring back the 4 oz. in addition to the new sizes because it would be much more convienent. Anyways, hope this helps, thank you for making this product either way!

  • jb

    So…after actually getting a new set (with blue moisturizer – ah! mismatched!), I don’t think the pump bp is toooooo bad. It is nice that you don’t actually have to pick up the tube. And I like now that all 3 are lined up, all the same size.

    One other minor note on the packaging – there is Clear Skin Regimen, Acne,org, and DanielKern.com…..I say pick one. Not that I really care that much, but it is a little annoying that the bottle fronts proclaim “acne.org” for those of us who have to keep them on the counter. woo acne! Well, at least I rarely have it now, thanks to this place, but still 🙂 (Also, for whatever reason, the little “from Dan” notes annoy me? But all is forgiven.)

    I also fully support some sort of ‘refill’ thing. A lot of us would prob prefer to keep the smaller one on the counter, but buy the bigger ones for convenience. Not sure what kind of cheaper ‘refill’ packaging there could be, though.

    And also – good thing I always saved the pop-caps from before – those are necessary when traveling (closing the pump is always a big mess), so it’d be nice to send maybe one per set or something.

    OK – done I think.