I haven’t seen it yet, but Debi from Clear Up Skin Care just called and said it’s in there. She said it’s a whole page. Whoa. I’m so scared to look at my picture. I am so not photogenic. lol. Anyway, let’s hope this really reaches a lot more people with acne. We’re clearin’ up the world y’all…


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  • Eryka

    No worries Dan. The photo (and article) came out great.

    Just think, you’re one of the few skin guru’s who don’t need a makeup artist on a photo shoot.

    (Evil smirk)

  • Gyroscope352

    Oops – I should have posted this on the forums: This article was up like, a week or two ago on the L.A. Times website (albeit without the photo, but same article). I just searched for it. I assumed it had already been published in the paper and that you all had seen it. Sorry! Not that it matters anymore. lol

  • Cyn

    Dr. Rahimi’s comment was quite annoying. I just sent him an e-mail.

  • Nancy

    What a great article, and Dan, you looked darling above LA. A STAR! And, Cyn, you’re absolutely correct, Rahimi’s comment was annoying. He’s “Silly.”

  • Sean

    I have to agree with Dr Rhaimi and other dermatologists that BP will not clear all cases of acne 100%, 60% clearing is the norm. The number of failures to be 100% clear on the regimen and unhappiness with it are clearly documented on these forums. If Dan is 100% clear on his regimen why does he recommend AHA, which he himself uses to spot treat? I stopped using it a long time ago because it is time consuming, and the reduction which was not 100%, still had breakouts, wasn”t worth the time and the ruining of my clothes by the bleaching. I just use Green tea moisturizer once a day and follow a low refined oil/fat, low refined sugar, lean protein, diet which has had way better results.

  • Ms. E

    Dan, you look great! Regardless of what others say, your method has worked wonders for me. I do use other things besides what you suggest, but your regimen was definitely the first step to my success! Not only your regimen, but this website has also been a blessing to me!

    Thanks so much!

  • Sean

    I am compelled to write further after monitoring this blog’s thread, The fact that my original message above has not been edited out whilst other pro-regimen responses have is a credit to his honesty and constant dedication in striving to genuinely help people. I have no doubt that the regimen has helped many people with a specific type of acne, whose major influence is p.acnes. But skin disorders have a wide spectrum and staph. aureus, also shaving disorders such as pseudo folliculitis and acne dysmorphia are more prevalent now. To be fair he even addresses these. I strongly believe in diet and antioxidants are the answer as well as obscure things such as chewing xylitol gum, exercise, whole foods and moderate drinking of vodka in relation to insulin resistance. BUT I am lucky enough to have the time, age, experience and lifestyle to play with these, my friends, relatives and work colleagues have benefited from my experience although I am crazily disciplined. Given todays lifestyles and impossibility for many people to follow a perfect system the regimen is worth a try, to the letter. My experience is it is safe to try.

  • Cyn

    Sean, the issue I had with Rhaimi’s comment was his dismissive attitude such as this: “Just to say that you can put 2.5% on the face in huge quantities and clear the skin is silly.”

    Well, NO – it’s actually NOT silly. It has worked for A LOT of people. I don’t recall Kern saying that it works 100% of the time, but the doctor was out of line to insinuate that there’s no basis for Kern’s assertion that The Regimin can help in many – if not most – cases.

    A lot of people tinker around with The Regimen to find a good balance for them – and what I (and many others) have found is that the key ingredient IS the daily application of BP . . . . beyond that, it’s often a matter of experimentation to find a moisturizer that will work best. It sure as heck beats spending loads of $$$ on prescription meds to fight the problem.