A freelance writer contacted me recently asking if she could write an article about Acne.org for the L.A. Times. No sooner than she said, “come on down”, Kent and I borrowed Kent’s mom’s truck and drove down to L.A. and met with Serena, the writer, at a Hollywood restaurant where she conducted the interview. I get nervous, but I think it went well. Serena was a pro–tough but fair. Then the Times photographer came to meet us and we did a photo shoot on the top of a nearby parking garage. It was truly hilarious. I felt like a star, getting photographs taken in Hollywood.

Bottom line–I think a ton of people will find out about Acne.org through this article. I am mucho excited. Nobody but the Times editors know exactly when it will run, but probably in a week or two. It will be in the “Image” section of the Sunday Times I am told. I’ll be sure to get a copy or two and put a pic of it up on the site.


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  • robin

    i am looking forward for it to come out Dan.

  • Anonymous

    Niiice! Looking forward as well 🙂

  • myskin_2008

    Good luck, Dan!

  • Isabel

    That’s awesome. Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    yo yo yo thats awesome!

  • WalkTheWire

    YEAAAAAAAAAH! Get that fame, Dan! lol

  • sienna

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