New and Improved Moisturizer: After many iterations of our moisturizer with increased moisturizing ingredients (humectants) and with little improvement, I’ve decided the best way for us to move forward is to keep our current moisturizer just as it is minus the stearic acid. The stearic acid is only in the formulation at .4% however, so it will stay remarkably similar. So what do people do who want more moisturization? Add a few drops of jojoba oil. I do this myself from time to time if I want more moisturization on a particular day. I found us a fantastic local, organic jojoba supplier so I’ll be able to offer that in the coming months once I order bottles and get them filled. In the meantime, because I seem to be unable to stop myself 🙂 , I’m working on another few moisturizer formulas with our chemists which will include alpha hydroxy acid. I’ll keep you posted on that.

SPF Moisturizer: I sampled a micronized titanium dioxide moisturizer because it is supposed to be “translucent”, but these words are really just thrown around. It is not translucent. It goes on white. The bottom line is we’re going to have to deal with some whitening if we want full spectrum protection. I’ve got several more samples coming my way.

Salicylic Acid: I am a little obsessive and decided to do further research on the best options for each of our ingredients, and changed a few things here and there. I should get sampled on the final batch Wednesday. I’m hoping it still has the great feel everyone loved when we tested it.

10% Glycolic: People are loving the glycolic so it is good to go. I gave the final OK and got pricing. It is eye-poppingly expensive to produce, but the product is pretty darn great. I’ll try to keep the price as low as I can. Buy a lot of it so we can keep prices low. 🙂

Organic Jojoba Oil: I just need to order bottles and caps and we’ll start filling. Bottles and caps take a couple of months to produce.


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  • Donna

    When do you think the additional sizes of BP, moisturizer, and cleanser will be available?

  • Peter

    Sounds good. Except I have to say that I’m disappointed with your choice of not making the moisturizer more moisturizing. I guess it would have made the jojoba oil kinda unnecessary? I don’t really mind it, but with all the tubes in my bathroom, I was looking forward to actually getting rid of the jojoba oil bottle, not buying more of it.

  • abcdefg

    hey, i discovered this site today. I’ve been fighting my acne for 5 years, spending a lot of money, i know several dermatologists, plastic cirurigion and all kind of medics in Lisbon, where i live. And my acne was a lot worst than any that i saw here in the photos. and today i can´t go to the beach because i’v my back, front nd shoulders full of ugly scars. And beach used to be a kind of my home when i was a kid. So i’m sorry but i need to say something here. I’m glad to see the structure of this site about such problem as acne, but you sound like another one kinda dermatologist, with all the respect. i don’t think for me it would show any result. I have one now in my neck bigger than my mobile phone. So you can imagine moisturizer sounds like any other thing for me, like eating apples in the morning or something. But i really apreciate your job in this cause. i think in this way you can help some people, and that will make you feel good for sure. When i’ll had some time i will post some photos. greetings from Portugal

  • erik

    i hope you send out an email to people on the mailing list as soon as any new products are available. we’ve been looking forward to try out some of this new stuff.

  • lildaywe

    Hey Dan!
    I’m very excited for those new products! I look forward to the jojoba oil and AHA moisturizer. Right now, I am the process of ordering one of your BP tube. =)

  • Fred

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve heard remarkable things about your product, but I don’t understand why you are adding more and more products. The SPF moisturizer is one thing, since you don’t currently provide that. But why all the other acne treatment products, if your current regimen is so great and capable of resolving acne issues?


  • WikiL

    Thanks a lot Dan,
    I will try and let Fred know of what the more products are for. So, Fred here is a response from a successful product user. The fact is the regimen as stated works quite a good deal. But, it may not help prevent that occasional zit every month or two, it isn’t perfect at improving the skin softness, texture and keeping it adequately moist. The extra products are more about perfecting the already good system. For example, before using the regimen, I would have been happy to live for life with my current results. But now that I have no acne, I realize I want my skin to flawless in every sense.

    Another thing most successful regimen users do is tweak the system to get better results. If you notice on the forum and product reviews, most of the new products in development are a suggested part of the tweaks that other users have been successful with.

  • Dan

    The new sizes of products should be available in a month or so.

    I do plan on making another more moisturizing moisturizer. While the cleanser and BP are one-size-fits-all, moisturizers can be more specific. Also, formulating the perfect moisturizer is tough. I will keep trying, and plan on making a couple different moisturizers so everyone is happy, but for right now, if you’d like a more moisturizing moisturizer, a few drops of jojoba added to our current moisturizer is pretty amazing in my opinion. Also, be sure to moisturize at night if you’re having some flakiness.

    Regarding moisturizing at night, the more research I do, the more convinced I am about moisturizing at night as well. I may tweak the Regimen to more strongly urge people to moisturize at night.

    Lastly, why am I making more products? I’m making an AHA because I think it’s good to have one around for spot treatment and for body acne. AHA has always been a staple around here. Jojoba oil just makes sense. Tons of people here use it and I can make sure we get it from the best place, make sure it’s fresh, and get it out at the best price. Lastly, not everyone can use benzoyl peroxide, so I am taking a shot at making the world’s best salicylic acid preparation in hopes that it can approximate the efficacy of benzoyl peroxide. Even if it can replace benzoyl peroxide during the day, that will save a lot of people a lot of bleached clothes!

  • Dan

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, I am having fun with all of this. I am working with some truly amazing people. Geniuses. Paul, Joel, Kent, Brandy, Casey, Kory. They motivate me. I think we can do amazing things with in the future.

  • Kimberly

    I read that you were having problems finding a sunscreen that doesn’t white out the face. When I was working in West Africa I used Zinc Oxide that actually rubbed in clear quite easily. It’s probably the best sunscreen I’ve ever used and someone sent it to me from Walgreen’s. Maybe you could use that in your product. Good luck.

  • Nancy

    Glad to hear the LA trip was fun. You are a Star! I tried to find the article today, no luck. And your products are wonderful. I hope you develope more.

  • Medusa

    I love the Jojoba Oil! The size of the Bottle is fabulous and so is the price 🙂