A few of you guys requested that we switch from YouTube for our video hosting because after our video finishes playing YouTube will show random video thumbnails. I agree that this can be confusing so we’re going to start hosting the videos ourselves. Here’s the thing though–I’ve misplaced the master video files, so I’m most likely going to have to take new ones. I’ll be able to do this in a month or two’s time. So in the meantime we’ll stick with YouTube, but our own video hosting is coming soon.


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  • Jesse

    Hey Dan, there’s a way to disable the random video thumbnails. If you go to a video on YouTube and then click on the small customize link next to embed, you can choose not to include related videos.

  • erik

    i’ll say this- i only find out about your site and products because of youtube. had it not been for youtube, i wouldn’t have known about what you have going on here.

  • john

    why not just switch video thumbnails off….. then there can be a bit more money in the world, not much, but even if just a little which can be used to cure the disease that makes people wanna hide from everyone and never get a girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, job, a life,… acne that is πŸ™

  • Joel

    Thanks for the feedback. We figured out how to remove the related videos at the end, so now we can keep the videos hosted on YouTube.

  • john

    no problem πŸ˜€ you have done so much for all here ! we will never be able to give as much i nreturn, so we better just help when we can πŸ˜€

  • Christine

    If you retake the videos, I hope you still have the pink tiled bathroom! πŸ˜›