Dr. Fulton, one of the three guys who developed Retin-A, and the guy who popularized benzoyl peroxide, was in San Francisco teaching a skin care course, so naturally I had to go. I had met Dr. Fulton and his wife once before at a conference and managed to convince them to go for Mexican at Chevy’s so I could tell them how much they meant to me. I’m pretty much a big dork 🙂 But it was a great dinner. I invited them over for dinner at my house this time and they obliged. We had Persian this time, and again, great conversation. I can plainly see how deep Dr. Fulton’s commitment is to helping people with acne. He has literally devoted his life to the effort. I hope he can see that I’m proudly carrying the torch that he lit years ago.


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  • Anonymous

    well what were you to talking about?

  • marigolds

    …who cares what you were talking about! You got to meet a great man – I have his book on acne and think very highly of it.

    Many people don’t know he was the coinventor of Retin A – Dr. Kligman took much credit which I think s—ed. And don’t get me started on Dr. Kligman – he took a boatload of money from Procter and Gamble several years ago and made the media rounds telling the world how wonderful salicylic acid was (for their Age Defying line) then recently in the book “Breaking Out” he goes on to say that salicylic acid is marginal at best. Gee, Dr. Kligman, short memory – I guess money talks…

    OK, I digressed.

    I could tell from his book about acne how caring Dr. Fulton is. He even included a photo of himself when he was very young – when he had a faceload of acne! He’s been there.

    I wish you could interview him for us.

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  • Shelley

    Hi Dan. I have read your website for several months now (sometimes alot, then I wait for weeks). I think what you have done is wonderful!!! I am SURE that I am the OLDEST person of anyone who reads or participates in this. I am in my mid to late 50’s!!!!!! I unfortunately use Proactiv (they have a stronger strength that sort of helps, but they don’t tell anyone about it…I used the regular strength for years with very minimal help…I thought it was just me). Anyway, the reason I’m writing to you is because I have been a follower of Dr. Fulton since he first started!!! I have his book (I stillread it like a Bible). I still order some of his original products , even tho I believe he sold that part of his business quite a long time ago. I used to try to get ahold of him when I went to Calif. (I live in Colo.), but no one could help me! Does he have an e-mail address that I could write to and ask him some questions about “adult women”? You are a blessing. What I should do is try your Regimen and not Proactiv, but I’m always afraid to try something different (esp. if your benzol peroxide isn’t as strong as the one I’m using and I know you talk about that). On one of your discussion boards, you have a section about moisturizers. I thought I was crazy or weird, because I would break out using Cetaphil. Now I know I’m not the only one. I recently bought some of Face Up (or Clinical Formula) which was Dr. Fulton’s company. The moisurizer is really nice and actually works!!! I apologize for writing a “book”, not just a comment. But, I have been wanting to find out about Dr. Fulton, and if there’s any way I could get in touch with him…and YOU were actually writing about a visit with him!!!!! Thank you! Shelley (the Old Lady to all of you!). p.s. you and all your “followers” understand what I have gone through for such a LONG time!