As usual, I am busy with a bunch of stuff–bottling jojoba, sampling moisturizers, researching this and that. But at this time of year, and forgive the mushiness, I remember how unimportant that stuff is when compared with family and people. So at the risk of sounding all touchy feely and what not, I really appreciate all of you guys. It is amazing how caring you are to each other and to me. It means a ton to me that you guys come here and help each other out so selflessly–and help me out too. I feel blessed being part of the community that you all make possible.

So happy holidays to everybody! And a million thanks for another amazing year.



Dr. Fulton, one of the three guys who developed Retin-A, and the guy who popularized benzoyl peroxide, was in San Francisco teaching a skin care course, so naturally I had to go. I had met Dr. Fulton and his wife once before at a conference and managed to convince them to go for Mexican at Chevy’s so I could tell them how much they meant to me. I’m pretty much a big dork 🙂 But it was a great dinner. I invited them over for dinner at my house this time and they obliged. We had Persian this time, and again, great conversation. I can plainly see how deep Dr. Fulton’s commitment is to helping people with acne. He has literally devoted his life to the effort. I hope he can see that I’m proudly carrying the torch that he lit years ago.