Brandy let me know that a bunch of people are asking her what’s up with the new products. Here’s a quick update:

New and Improved Moisturizer: I got a new sample with the addition of twice the jojoba (10%) and lichochalcone (powerful anti-inflammatory, imparts yellow color). We removed stearic acid and are in the process of switching out the preservatives (to reduce any possible sting). I tried the latest sample and it is great, but I wouldn’t mind it being even more moisturizing. Therefore, we are adding an extra humectant (perhaps MP Diol) and I will try that sample soon. RELEASE DATE: Several months away. COST: Hopefully the same.

SPF Moisturizer: I tried another sample of a zinc oxide based SPF. We may be between a rock and a hard place with the SPF. I am committed to zinc oxide for its broad spectrum support, but it goes on white, and can sometimes leave the skin feeling a bit tight. I asked them to bump up the humectants again, and add more jojoba to the mix. They’ll resample me on this soon. RELEASE DATE: Your guess is as good as mine. COST: The same as the non-SPF moisturizer.

Salicylic Acid: Stability testing will be completed in early November. If it passes, we’ll print labels and put it into production at that time. RELEASE DATE: A couple/few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the benzoyl peroxide, perhaps a bit more.

10% Glycolic: I sent out a bunch of samples to the moderators. If they approve of it, I’ll put it into production. I am in love with it. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Probably about the same as the moisturizer.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Our testers are liking it and so am I. I am getting clear bottle samples in the mail hopefully early this week, and I’m trying to finalize what kind of cap they should have. RELEASE DATE: A few months. PRICE: Organic Jojoba is very expensive but as always I will try to keep the price as low as I possibly can.

Also, we are going to small/medium/large for all of our products. Everything will now be in 2oz. (trial and travel size), 8oz. (medium size), and 16oz. (bulk size). will be much more open in the future to different people’s regimens, so having small/medium/large will allow everyone to mix and match as needed for whichever regimen they choose. The products will all be in curved bottles instead of tubes, and have really cool looking new packaging that Paul, Kent, Joel and I have been working on. I hope you like the new look. I promise I’ll try to stick with this look for a while. πŸ™‚


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  • Mario

    Great! I really appreciate the detailed update. Love the sizes too, can’t wait to get mega 1-pounders for all three. I *love* Dan’s regimen.

    By the way, what is 10% Glycolic for, does it replace part of Dan’s regimen (which i love and follow faithfully) or compliment it somehow?

  • Impressionist

    Hi Dan. I love your products and will definitely be buying your new and ‘improved’ products. The moisturizer you have now is alright… It doesn’t moisturize that well and I need to add a few drops of jojoba oil just to have minimum moisturization. Plus, it gets my face a bit shiny after a few hours. It is the best moisturizer I have tried since it is very light and moisturizes okay for the feel. I can’t wait to buy your even more moisturized moisturizer with added jojoba oil and humectants. I also can not wait for your AHA product which in other brands has helped my A LOT with my acne along with your regimen. The sunscreen moisturizer will also be a great addition to my skincare routine in the summer time and spring time. I also might be adding your salicylic acid to the regimen.

    Here is what I will be planning to buy in the winter season:

    Improved moisturizer. (No SPF)
    10% AHA product


    Moisturizer with SPF
    10% AHA product
    Salicylic Acid product

    Btw Dan. Will the SPF moisturizer have the same hydration as the non-spf moisturizer?
    How about the Jojoba oil product you are planning to make?


  • erik

    thx for the updates! is there a mailing list? it’d be great if we could sign up and be notified when certain products were available or when there was new news.

  • Andrew

    Looking forward to all of this : )

    I enjoy the current moisturizer, but as others have mentioned, it really doesn’t have the ‘horsepower’ to handle things when my skin is particularly dry.

  • Miriam

    I’m really excited about the new products (especially the salicylic acid), but I’m worried that it’ll be harder to get all of the product out of bottles than it would be with tubes. When I’ve bought other brands of BP gel in bottles, it’s hard to get it all out.

  • Dan

    Glycolic acid is great for spot treatment and body acne.

    Woops, I’ll add the update on jojoba.

    Regarding the SPF moisturizer, your guess is as good as mine on how well it will moisturize. It is still in the trenches. I will do everything I can do bump up the hydration.

    I will put a link to the mailing list on but in the meantime you can join the mailing list at the bottom of any page.

    Lastly, I tested the bottles with clear bottles and all the products and the products do not really stick to the sides or bottom, so you’ll be able to get most of it out. I do agree the switch is something of a crap shoot, but my fingers are crossed.

  • Dan

    Ah, I forgot to mention, I am thinking about making a lip balm as well with only 100% non-comedogenic ingredients.

  • Mario

    Can you make the bottles semi-transparent like they are now, maybe even more so. Nice to see when I need to order more.

    The other day I was looking for a nice, simple, organic lip balm, and burts bees seems the best, even a little more simple then chapstick organic, but it has a few oils that are on the pore clogging list. I would LOVE an ***organic/natual*** lip balm from you that was non-comedogenic. I would order in a heartbeat.

  • Julia

    I wanted to beg you to keep the caps on all your bottles the same size if it’s not too late. Reason being, I just noticed that I can use the pop-top cap from the cleanser on the moisturizer bottle so it will travel. Using pump caps won’t work for travel bottles. I really like having the optional pump cap on the cleanser so I can keep one with the pump in the shower and keep one with the pop top in my travel bag.

    Keeping the caps interchangeable allows us gurls to take whatever size bottle we need on trips. 2 oz. is fine for a 1 or 2 day business trip but 8 oz. is better for long vacations, especially if you share it with your hubby.

    I’d like to ditto Mario’s comment on the lip balm (but with no beeswax for us vegans). I’d order a case if you had any (one for every pocket and purse). The white heads around the lip zone are the most annoying.

  • Karl

    Dude, you are awesome. Thank you for everything you are doing!

    Lifetime customer

  • Emily

    While you are making all these new products (which I’m of course psyched about) you should consider making a face mask, and an exfoliating (but soothing) facial scrub. Those are two things I absolutely love to use, and it would be AMAZING to get the from you, because I’m in love with the products I currently have.

    Thanks Dan!

  • cool as kim deal

    Will dispensing a precise amount of BP be difficult with the pump design? I must admit, I’m pretty apprehensive about this change. Beginners adjusting to the regimen need to be very careful not to accidentally dispense too much BP too early, and if you have to steadily increase the amount over a few weeks, I don’t know, that just sounds kind of tough to do with a one-size-fits-all pump.

  • Emily

    I agree. I really like the BP in the tube. I can’t imagine how a pump would work. Plus, it’s much harder to travel with things that pump than things in tubes….

  • Gyroscope352

    I also agree with CAKD and Emily. The BP should stay in a tube, and should come in a 4 oz size! But I probably just think that because I only use half a finger…i.e. half as much as most other people. So I’ll concede the size. But seriously, tube!!

  • amy

    ive been keeping up with this site for a few months due in part to my interest in the formulation of that glycolic acid treatment. i have used alpha hydrop in the past but it contains kelp which is supposed to be very pore clogging. based on what ive read about aha’s it is crucial that the ph be within a certain range to ensure a products effectiveness. im sure you are on top of this but i just wanted to make sure that this aha will have an effective ph. thanks!

  • Mandy

    I can’t WAIT for the 10% glycolic acid, πŸ˜€ Thanks for making all these awesome products!

  • LILY

    First of all thank you for all you’ve done. Blessings on you! Thanks to your website while surfing late one night about a year ago and I discovered that I was not alone. I read all reviews for products and decided to go for Exposed Skin Care. It worked and am (to my embarrassment) their featured profile on their website. Still, I have run into a problem which started on august 2007. They changed their cleanser and toner to include SALCYLIC ACID. This was HORRIBLE for me. Since they did not announce this change, I used the product as normal, and broke out severly as I had not done in about 1 year. I read their ingredients and found the culprit. I had already discovered my sensitivity to SALCYLIC ACID by a traumatic experience with Murad Acne products which left me unrecognizable. I never used Exposed’s Night Serum which contains Salcylic acid for this reason. I have tried reverting to proactiv but the results are just not there. So I have had to go back to Exposed but with caution and unable to use their toner, and cleanser only sparingly, still having one or two pimple breakouts a month. I have reviewed your line of products and will try them next since they have most of the great natural ingredients Exposed had without the price. So, what’s my point? I applaud your efforts to create new and variety of products, but please be aware or at least post ANNOUNCEMENTS OR WARNINGS for people regarding the Salcylic Acid. I’m not saying it’s everyone’s problem, but it’s probably not just mine. It took a lot of trauma, experimenting, money, and torment to discover this reaction to Salcylic Acid. I’ve seen other people’ s comments about Murad, and the ingredient change in Exposed Skin Care as well. Their acne breakouts were almost identical to mine after using the products with Salcylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide and Moisterizing is THE KEY. And you found it and spread the word. Hip Hip Horay for you Dan! Keep up the good work. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  • Bernard Richardson

    I have been following your site for quite sometime…but I was a little behind and I guess I miss the salycilic acid train. Personally, because it does have some relation to aspirin, I tends to work better for sensitive skin thus in the long run reducing irritation. While it isn’t for anyone ( some people will experience allergic reactions…but as with any skin care ingredient…anyone can exhibit a reaction depending on his or her chemistry. All around I am for creating a body moisturiser with salicylic acid because it has been so great for chest and back exfoliation as well as folliculitis. At 2%, with a ph between 3 to 3.5…you would probably have a great body product because need I remind everyone AHA is great but for some like me…produces an outstanding amount of burning and irritation.
    As for your spf moisturiser, not sure who is formulating it…however perhaps you should try olay complete as your drawing board and improve on their formula as it left much to be desired. Micronized zinc at 5% with an accompanied uvb agent (try to limit your thickeners…as thickeners tends to make chalky zinc even chalkier) The less wax and thickener, the better. However you may want to add some good antioxidant to the ingredients list (very high in the ingredients list) to support skin structure because the combination of aha and benzoyl peroxide everyday can leave skin fairly vulnerable to oxidation.Niacinimide would be a great addition, vitamin a c and e for their synergistic value, some good anti irritants as well. While I know your chieft priority is creating a functional product for a descent cost, you have the opportunity to create a sunscreen, that is done correctly may surpass some of the zinc oxide offering available on shelved today. Please take what I said into consideration. Good luck with your future formulations.

  • alicia1

    Dan, i currently use a nice spf 30 moisturizer. It is also organic, the brand is DeVita. Please check it out, doesnt clog pores and is light and creamy, takes a few to fully absorb. It is of the highest quality and is about $ 22.00 for 2oz. Organic is great!