I got another 10% glycolic acid sample about two weeks ago and have been using it since then. It’s perfect in my opinion. It goes on like a dream, absorbs quickly and well, leaves no residue, stings just the right amount, and does not leave a prolonged feel behind, which is very hard to achieve. They are sending me a couple dozen samples which I will send to moderators and our usual testers and with their go ahead I will start bottling it, perhaps in a few months. As with all of our other products, the price to produce it is high because I’m using the best stuff available. So I will probably need to charge about the same amount that I do for the moisturizer. For instance, I’m adding in lichochalcone, a very powerful anti-inflammatory which is $3000 per kilogram. I know that’s crazy expensive, but I have a very good feeling about this stuff, and we only need to use it at a very low percentage to achieve the desired anti-inflammatory action. It may be incredible for acne prone skin. I have a sneaking suspicion that this glycolic may be a great solo body acne product. More to come…


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  • Adrian Koo

    Can I be a tester? Pretty please!?

  • Mario

    What does AHA do? Is it to be used in addition to Dan’s regimen (which I love and follow faithfully) or does it replace his moisturizer?

  • Christopher

    Hey dan, your stuff is great and i would like to support you by testing out ur trial products. Let me know if i can help.


  • cool as kim deal

    Sounds amazing, Dan!

  • Scott

    Awesome Dan, I like the approach you’re taking with the acids of glycolic and salicylic. I would prefer to use these instead of benzoyl peroxide as they are great for the skin, I know many others who will become interested in these products when they’re available.

  • erik

    whatever happened to the SA you were working on? i thought that was going to be available by october.

  • jon

    I know this is random, but thks for acne.org! Really helped me a lot! God bless your soul!

  • Linda

    You had mentioned that the price for this would be about the same as the moisterizer (which, btw, I find very reasonable). Would the bottle size be the same too?

  • Emma

    Hi Dan
    I’m currently using an AHA that I found in the UK (where I live) and it works REALLY well so I’m looking forward to trying yours. Do you think we can use it over the top of the benzoyl every day on the areas that we are prone to spots or do you think that would be too irritating? Also is the SA coming out soon as I’m really keen to try that too

  • Vi nam

    I do The Regimen religiously every day. However, once in a while I’ll still see a zit forming somewhere. In that case, I still do The Regimen, but I also blast the zit with 10% glycolic acid after applying the benzoyl peroxide. In my personal experience, this combo often prevents the zit from maturing.1-2 I asked other people to see how this worked for *advertisement link edited out* and they weighed in on it here. Keep in mind that the way this works best is if you catch it very early.