Paul and Joel and I have been working on redoing the web site to make it more collaborative. Picture this…Anyone can post their own regimen on, complete with videos and product suggestions. Then the rest of us can try their regimen and rate it. The best regimens will naturally float to the top. We can then program the homepage to automatically update to show the community’s favorite regimens right there when people log in.

Is your mind blown? Mine is 🙂 I am so excited about the opportunity the Internet affords us to share our experience with each other and really boil down what works and what doesn’t.

We’re also working on a product suggestion page where you guys can suggest products to be made, at what percentages, and including what ingredients. Again, the rest of us can get in there and suggest changes to the product until we come to a consensus, or something approaching that. Then I can either make the products for us, or we can ask other manufacturers to get on it!

We also have a doctor-listing page on the back burner where everyone can recommend their dermatologist or plastic surgeon (scars). We’ll probably wiki this page only in a positive direction. For instance, you can send a doctor a thumbs up, but probably not a thumbs down. It feels better to stay positive with the doctors ratings.


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  • jonichelle

    Seems like you have done alot “for the people” with this informative site and your products. This new development shows you aren,t money hungry either, you know how it feels..

    For this reason I signed up today and purchased your starter kit.. Even posted a couple of before photos without makeup, never happens.

    I have high hopes for your regime, hope it gets here fast and doesn’t let me down..

  • Jeff

    Dan, you really are a breath of fresh air. I love the Net, but it can be a very ugly place sometimes – hopefully your way of doing things will become more common.

    Btw, just a nightly application of your superb acne gel ended fifteen years of acne suffering for me (yes, 15yrs – I’m 28) – I appreciate it, and I spread the word whenever possible.


  • gog

    The idea that users can post thir regimens directly on and taht people can rate it is great!!!!!!!!

  • Eloisa

    I wanted to share with you my experience in treating adult acne. I am a 39 year old female who started experiencing problems with acne while I was in college. At certain times in my life, it improved but about 2 years ago, it got pretty bad. I felt self conscious about it. I began to do research and learned about inflammation. During this time, I was experience symptoms that I later learned were the result of a hormonal inbalance (Polycycsic Ovarian Syndrome). Reluctant to get on the Pill, I continued to search for a natural alternative. I changed my high carbohydrate diet to a low glycemic diet, began an herbal and vitamin regime, and continued excersing. Through this regime I was able to decrease inflammation and improve acne, increase energy levels, lose weight, and allow my body to heal itself. At this time, I began to notice that when I did have a break out, they healed and faded quickly. As far as a cleansing regime, I use Aveeno face wash and Eucerin face sensitive mosturizer. In my case, the breakouts were a symptom of an underlying problem with insulin resistance. A high carbohydrate diet was causing high levels of insulin that increased inflammation. Whenever, I eat a food product that has a high glycemic value such as enriched flour and sugar, I see about 3-4 new bumps the next day. I have been on this regime for about 2 months. Prior to that I had made changes but I didn’t have the whole package. This has been the only thing that works for me. After reading about Dan’s Regime, I am wondering if Dan’s Regime would compliment what I am already doing. Especially for those days that my hormones get thrown off balance. I also want to say that during this time I had a medical doctor do a battery of test and according to the results I was doing great, but felt awful. I hope my experience helps someone. I will continue to read this blog if you have any questions.

  • Eloisa


    I think it would be great if you could add to your site a natural preventative approach.

  • Kate

    Dear Dan

    I am busy doing my masters thesis in psychology about the psychological and emotional impact of acne on teenagers. I find your website very cool and supporting to all us acne sufferers out there. I have only contructed my blog a few hours ago – I am still very new at this! But I will really appreciate it very much if you and any of your bloggers could go have a look see.

    *link edited out*

    You will surely hear a lot more from me and I applaud your effort to talk about “that which may not be named” the condition called , acne which often make its victims feel like it is their fault.

    The Acne Diaries