I just wanted to muse for a moment on my next intention insofar as acne is concerned. Yes, the Regimen works well at clearing and preventing acne, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could come up with a natural, holistic way to clear the skin? There is something deeply satisfying about getting to the root of an issue and addressing it from there.

To this end I am simply pledging to do my very best to explore options to get us to a place of understanding the root of acne. Scientists and researchers know quite a bit about how acne is formed and how medications can combat the process. Now it’s time to take it to the next level and develop a clear understanding of why this process begins and is perpetuated. I can’t wait to figure it out. I am also going to be opening up Acne.org pretty soon so that we can all collaborate on this issue much more efficiently. Acne better watch out πŸ™‚


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  • Joe

    Sounds good, Dan! – I look forward to what you find. Hopefully we can find the root of acne and how to stop it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • inspirit

    Dan, why not interview holistic derms/doctors?

    A good start: Dr. Loren Cordain. I have all his books including his newest ebook, The Anti Acne Diet. He’s a VERY well respected teacher, researcher, and his diet is working wonders on my skin. It’s basically a paleo diet, geared toward the 21st century, and I absolutely love it. Check out his paleo website where he talks about acne in one of his newsletters.

    Also, how about dermatologist Dean Goodless? His Accunatural product is a combination of herbs/vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. He also recommends a “caveman” type diet.

    I think these types of interviews with holistic doctors/researchers, etc. would be fascinating. I’m so glad this is your next venture.

  • Dan

    I just interviewed Dr. Cordain. Funny you should ask. I am editing the audio and will post it soon.

  • inspirit

    Dan, I am so happy! I have all of Dr. Cordain’s books (he has three), and I am feeling very well and healthy on his eating plan. I’ll never go off it. I can’t wait to read the interview.

    How about Dr. Goodless? He’s a dermatologist, who lives I belive, in the Florida area. He also wrote a neat little book on acne (same diet as Cordain’s), and also has some very interesting research on herbs (eastern medicine) and acne. I love his Accunatural. Between the Paleo Diet, Accunatural, and your products, my skin looks better than it did when I was a teenager.

    Thanks for taking this new road to clear skin. The research out there is fascinating. Oh, also, don’t forget the new book the Clear Skin Diet, written by both a naturopath and dermatologist. They refer to Cordain in their book as well.

  • Dan

    Cool. I’ll Google Dr. Goodless πŸ™‚

  • inspirit

    Dan, I just got an email from Dr. Dean Goodless, letting me know my next shipment of Accunatural is going out. His email is drg@skinnutrients.com. I also googled him and the first thing that came up was his office practice with a phone number as well (sorry I didn’t copy it down!). But I would think he’d be fairly easy to reach, particularly if you call his office and leave a message.

  • JonasJ

    Dan, ive only been around for like 3months and just tried your products recently. your cleanser was godlike, sadly benzoyl peroxide was too tough for my skin (flakiness). and knowing your moisturizer was the best and didnt help flakiness enough, i got quite disapointed and sad :S also due to the fact it felt like my face was burning when i applied the moisturizer :(. but after reading that blog again, you really have become a god in my eyes πŸ˜€ ive always wondered why, and searched high and low without finding an answer, maybe it will finally come. i wish you could start some research on it already today ! i cant wait ! then maybe i wont miss all of my teenage years hiding in my room :/…….. thanks dan πŸ™‚

  • inspirit

    jonas, I don’t know where else to write and encourage you, so I will post here.

    Don’t give up! Dan’s new salicylic acid will be available in a few months, and many people just use salicylic acid for their acne.

    And look into holistic therapies – Anti Acne Diet by Loren Cordain, Accuntatural and other supplemental remedies. Read and educate yourself all you can. You may need a prescription – many folks are finding satisfaction with the new .3% strength Differin (a vitamin a derivative). Don’t give up! There are many ways to fight this battle.

  • benjamin

    Hey Dan,

    Wow, this site rocks, i just ordered my kit and all i need to do it send the money, but all i want to know is if you will ever add SPF on your moisturizers because i’m a big sun freak and i love being out, but i reather not pile on other moisturizers and i will look too thick. please figure out something for your skin care line, and thanks again. i’m on my way to clear skin. =D

  • Melissa

    The regimen sounds pretty good. I will be using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that doesn’t contain any parabens. The am moisturizer contains spf 15. It is self-preserving and the technology has been patented. It feels wonderful on your face. As a matter of fact, when using it in conjunction with Retin A and Accutane, my skin was not dry at all. I do want to switch over to the regimen as Accutane seems to be very expensive and I would rather use something more “natural”.

  • yezzir


  • chelsey

    I am totally for finding a natural “cure” for acne. But please don’t get rid of the benzoyl peroxide!! It is the only thing that has worked for me. And I like your large size tube. Now that I’ve found something that works, I am not trying anything else!! I have been a guinea pig for too long. πŸ™‚

  • John

    The answer is simple: Cut out carbs and dairy… there, no more blood sugar and insulin spikes, no more chronic inflammation, no more excess blood fats, and no more acne.

    Then the question becomes where to get calories from.

    The answer is fat and protein, but mostly fat. So then which fats – animal, plant, PUFA, MUFA, SFA, long-chain, short chain, cooked, extra virgin, raw? The answer is extra virgin and raw, and get a good mix of SFA, MUFA, and PUFA. PUFA should be balanced for omega 6/3. MUFA can come from stone pressed olive oil. Medium chain SFA from virgin coconut oil. Long chain SFAs from raw animal fats, raw butter/cream, and virgin red palm oil. PUFA from freshly ground flaxseed, raw fish, and shelled hempseed.

    What about protein – about 100g a day can be easily had from raw grass-fed meats, raw organ meats, raw fish, shelled hempseeds, raw eggs, and leafy greens. An easy way to consume is a green smoothie with leafy greens, frozen wild blueberries, raw eggs, shelled hempseeds, and added oils. Meats can be consumed alone or with added fats/oils. Acne is cured, then get on with your life.

  • storm2011

    Hey i’ve done the natural approach by following strict diets from ebooks. So far two ebooks, two strict diets, and lost money but no results. But I still think you can cure anything naturally well at least acne so I did more research on why my other diets didn’t work. I’ve come to know it’s alot more than just diet only 30% of diet will help your skin. There’s a ebook called clear for life and it goes into more than just diets which don’t work or isn’t pratical. I’m going to try it and think it should be checked into because from my experience this book is different and you get your $30 back after 60 days. No other program did that. You can go on a juice cleanse, eat organic, take out foods, kill the yeast in your body but what happens when you eat a donut or whatever once after that? Life moves on and you’ll miss out on alot if you restrict yourself trying to cure acne with diet alone. Look up clear for life on google and I will update or post after i see if it really is different.