When I came out with the benzoyl peroxide pretty much everyone loved it. Then you guys gave me the feedback that you wanted non-paraben preservatives. I changed to non-paraben preservatives and pretty much all of us have been happy clams ever since.

Then I came out with the cleanser and pretty much everyone loved it. But then a few people gave feedback that they wanted it more moisturizing, so I added 10% more moisturization and pretty much all of us have been happy clams ever since.

Recently I released a moisturizer as well. Again, at first most people loved it. But now a few people have been letting me know that the current moisturizer is giving them some flakiness after a few weeks of use. I’ve also gotten other complaints about the moisturizer. So I had a talk with our manufacturer today and we are going to do two things to the moisturizer. (1) We’re going to swap out stearic acid for another ingredient. Stearic acid is most likely the culprit as far as the delayed flakes go. (2) We’re going to sap out bisabolol for licochalcone, an even better anti-inflammatory which is beneficial in the lipase process and thus beneficial for acne.

What’s my point? Just that I appreciate your feedback. We’re in this together and together we are going to keep making the best acne treatment products on the planet. To this end, Joel and I are making a form that we’ll put on the web site soon so that more and more of you can let me know exactly what you like and what you want changed. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Thanks everybody!!


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  • inspirit

    Dan, you are the best…and I mean the best! I just ordered the “old” moisturizer and I’ll order the “new” one too. Truth be told, I have a ton of acne products from Proactiv Solution to use up, but I ordered mainly to support your endeavor with this wonderful website, and plan on using yours on a regular basis once my stash is gone.

    Someone with your heart for people and business savvy needs to be on Oprah to get the word out more!

    P.S. Isn’t it time for a revised book in print?

  • jim

    is there a reason my the moisturizer slips out of my fingers? its too wet

  • Jen

    I must say I’m impressed by your business ethic! I’ll be trying the new moisturizer even though the old one didn’t work.

  • Ginette

    Hiya Dan,

    I had a negative (to say the least) reaction from the current moisturizer, but I think I’m willing to give the new one a shot when it comes out. I know you won’t let us down and you have only THE best intentions in all you do! So far, thanks to you and the regimen, my face (and life) has been completely, amazingly changed.

    By the way, I stopped using the cleanser, too. But this was before you changed the formula. I may very well give it a shot again, since you’ve made it more moisturizing. Thank you for listening to everyone and for caring. You’re beautiful.

    Looking forward to the new moisturizer and any other wonderful things you may have in store for us!

    All my best always,
    regimen user for 4 years — and still *happily* going! πŸ™‚

  • Adrian

    Hi, can you make more moisturizing? It isn’t cutting it for me right now. Less shiny

  • Eric

    I follow the regimen EXACTLY as you say to do. My thoughts: The only thing that needs a bit of refining is the moisturizer. After three weeks it comes out of the bottle watery. Maybe it is separating? I’ve started shaking the bottle before I use it. The bottle also creates a vacuume, so I have to untwist and re-twist the pump every few days. It could be a bit more moisturizing.

    Fix those three and I think you’ll have the BEST moisturizer on the planet as a great base line for the regimen. From there, add SPF or AHA as you see fit, your the expert, but give the moisturizer time to be used and tweak it. moisturizer 2.0 will rock!

    By the way, your BP gel is go good, i almost want to eat it. It’s that good.

  • Erin

    I have been using your bp and moisturizer for about a month now (I’ll probably switch to the DK cleanser once my other stuff runs out).

    The moisturizer did burn/sting a little bit when I first started using it, and it also made my skin look red (I’m Caucasian). However, it seems like as long as I use it on a regular basis, my skin acclimates to it and this becomes much less of a problem.

    Also, my skin looks very shiny when I first put the moisturizer on (this is the case every time I use it), and my skin feels “tacky” (sort of sticky) until the stuff soaks in. After that, it’s GREAT.

    Despite these problems, I love both the bp and the moisturizer – thank you so much for putting your all into these products. I hope I can purchase them at CVS someday.

    Also, please please make all 3 of these available in TSA-friendly travel sizes (3 oz. or less!). I travel fairly often, and don’t check luggage if I don’t have to. I’m hooked on the bp and moisturizer, and would LOVE to see travel-sized DK products available. (No pump for these, obviously.)

  • erik

    that’s a good idea- making travel sized containers to appease the airlines.

  • Sharpy

    I was a HUGE fan of the Eucerin moisturizer before they discontinued it–it got rid of my flakes and didn’t ball up when I applied foundation but I was still very oily. I started using a day/night combo of Complex 15 and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and the flakes stayed away but it balled up [almost like the way eraser balls up when erasing pencil on paper] when I applied foundation. And I was still very oily. I can deal with the oiliness but I want to be able to wear foundation and not have flakes. [I can’t use Lac5–turned my face into a red peeling mask] With the DKR moisturizer, I’m oily with flakes and can’t wear regular foundation because it balls up. So I look forward to trying a second version of the moisturizer.

  • Karl

    Dan, please don’t stop doing what you do. You’re awesome πŸ™‚

  • Julia


    You rock!! Your products have cleared up most all my issues (excepting age spots and freckles πŸ˜‰

    I received my first set of products mid-August and have been using the cleanser and moisturizer daily since. In case the info helps your future product development: I did initially get a lot of stinging from the moisturizer but finally realized that I don’t need to use as much of your moisturizer as other brands. The stinging also seems to be on the more delicate tissue such as around the eyes and nose. Cutting back on the amount lessens the stinging and yet I still don’t have any flakiness. I noticed you said others have experienced flakes after prolonged use. I have not had that problem in the month I’ve been using your moisturizer. I do get flakes if I use the BP every day. Currently, my skin has cleared up (thanks to you and mineral cosmetics) so I only use the BP on weekends. Seems to work. In a nutshell, finding your site and your products has fixed my problems. Oh, and the cleanser is wonderful. Smells a wee funky but I don’t care–it’s bubbly and it cleans everything the first time (except for tough mascara which I take a little moisturizer to and then wipe off). I just ordered 3 more bottles of the moisturizer and I’m interested to try your new improved moisturizer too. No stinging would allow me to pat a little extra around my 44-year-old eyes at night to minimize future wrinkles.

    The only issue I have remaining is finding a lip balm that doesn’t cause whiteheads around my lips. Perhaps you can add that to your to-do list for 2008?

    Oh, and thanks for not using any animal products. We veganfreaks really appreciate it.

  • Eric

    I love your BP gel, but I have a suggestion. It comes off so easily with sweat that I can’t use it on hot days.

    Some newer cosmetics are very sweat-proof. Coppertone has a sweat-proof sunscreen that works very well. Perhaps your products could incorporate a similar technology?

  • Elly

    Dan, you are amazing! I love your products, at first I thought nobody can help me with my acne problems, I tried almost everything, you name it, from Proactiv to Murad, nothing worked for me. Just 3 days before Christmas I found your website when I was really frustated with my acne. At that time I decided to try, why not, it’s very affordable too….. I got the package on Jan 3rd, and I’ve been using them for 13 days now…. I can see my skin looks so much better now, I still have a little acne here and there but I’m sure it’s gonna cleared up anytime soon. I’ll keep you posted! πŸ™‚ ooo by the way, I love the moisturizer too…. you rock!!!

  • Vinny

    Do you think that using a benzoyl peroxide cleanser is just as effective as applying benzoyl peroxide gel or cream? Why or why not. Do they both work but one is more effective than the other. I decided I would like to shorten The Regimen from 3 step to 2 steps by washing w/ BP cleanser and then moisturizing. Etc…