So you guys rock and we probably have an extra $25,000 or more dollars to spend in a way that benefits the world in some way. I have to do my books, but it may be even a little more than that. I’d like to use the money to give to something that gives back. I’m throwing around two ideas right now:

1. Use the money to hire a sustainability consultant to study the company high and low and institute environmentally sustainable processes all along our product chain. I’m talkin’ at our manufacturers, and at our distributor, and with everyone we work with. It is possible for the whole of industry to be sustainable and profitable at the same time–it may even be the vastly better route to go for most companies. We can live in a future of absolute sustainability while still living abundantly. It’s a huge goal, and we can use this money to really launch into doing our part. I can’t think of anything more important…

2. …unless you’re talking about clearing the world of acne 🙂 We could also use the money to start an independent foundation that funds scientific studies on the diet and acne connection. I think that within the next decade or two, can help bring this issue to concensus. The bottom line to the diet and acne argument is that more studies are needed. We are in a unique place to make this happen. For $20,000 we can likely build an independent foundation, gather a world-class board of directors, and begin to fund a small and simple study to add to the scientific consensus regarding diet and acne.

Or maybe we can do both–let me go look at the books 🙂


My operations manager moved on to another thing so I’m once again hiring. I’d actually like to hire two awesome people, one as a project lead and the other as a day to day operations manager. If you guys know anyone in the Bay Area who…

– Is highly ethical
– Is passionate about conscious business practices
– Has an interest in skin care
– Has experience with computers (Quickbooks a +)
– Is a self-starter
– Who you generally feel is a great person who you’d hire if you were me

…please ask them to email their resume over. It will be an alternative and fun work place with tons of room for experience and growth. Thanks.

I didn’t receive enough submissions for something to work on each product, so instead of using artwork on the products I’ll probably leave them plain for now. I took the winnings and split it between everyone who entered, so in a sense everyone won. There were some very cute submissions.