I had a total brainstorm moment at the gym today with a friend. I’ve been redesigning the products and they are a little blah–see the attached pic for a rough mock-up of how they’ll look. I like them because it’s handwritten now, but it is bordering on generic. So I was thinking, “how can we get people involved and how can we incorporate a little color?”

And then it came to me. What if I asked you guys to submit “what do Acne.org products mean to you?” artwork. I want to leave the parameters pretty wide. It’s not so much, “make an icon for a cleanser” or “make an icon for a moisturizer”, but rather, “what do the regimen and acne.org products mean to you?” Any kind of artwork is welcomed, but here is what we need so we can print it:

max size: 1.5″ X 1.5″
300dpi or greater
any amount of color is fine
hand drawn/painted and scanned is absolutely acceptable

I’ll be choosing 3 designs for now. One for each product. I can offer the makers of the winning designs a year of free product (12 cleansers, 12 BPs, and 12 moisturizers, and a body buddy if you want one). Sound fair? If you’d like to submit artwork, I need it fast–like in the next two days would be preferable because these are going to print soon. You can email them to dan@acne.org. Looking forward to it!


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  • Anonymous

    actually, i like the look and especially the colors that are used already.

  • Eric

    I like the blue bottles and containers.

  • Alex

    I have just one comment to make (that I’ve been thinking about before you even proposed the new artwork idea). With the way the product labels are currently, I have to say I absolutely despise looking at the words: “acne.org” right on the front of the label.

    Seeing as the product has to be used so regularly – I have the 16 oz cleanser, treatment and moisturizer lined up right on my bathroom counter (got sick of ‘hiding’ the bottles under my sink after every time I use them. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m ashamed of the products, I tell everyone I know about how unbelievably well they work and how they have changed my life. However, the word ACNE has become a four-letter word in my world, and I have such a reaction – albeit small and not noticeable to an outsider – every time I hear or see that word.) I actually took a piece of white tape and covered it up on all three bottles so I don’t have to be reminded every day of the ugly word and can just smile when I pump out the BP knowing that I’m winning the fight.

    I understand that you have to link your name to your product and have your brand…totally get that. But couldn’t it be on the back label or something just not so in your face and obvious. Maybe I’m just being a baby about it, but I mean, we all know it’s an embarrassing issue to begin with…why be reminded every day?