I received a perfect salicylic acid sample yesterday and OKed it today. It now enters FDA required stability testing for 3 months after which time I will put it up for sale. So we’re looking at late October or early November.


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  • Anonymous

    how much (size and cost) will this new SA product be and when do you suggest to use it? SA in the AM and BP at night? vice versa? both together?

  • Anonymous

    What are the ingredients of the salicylic acid product?

  • Dan

    Hey Dan,
    When will you come out with your line of moisturizer with UV protection? And will
    they be available in travel sizes?

    Best Regards,

  • cool as kim deal

    Awesome, can’t wait!

  • SAGal

    I love salicylic acid! Can’t wait! Will yours kill acne bacteria like the Neutrogena Micro Technology line?

  • Meriel Kosokar

    I would like to just add a comment about BHA formulations. (I have been using your regimen products for about 2 weeks now, so far so good–I live in Japan and the humidity and heat are AWFUL on my skin.) What pH is your BHA product formulated at? I suggest going to the cosmeticscop.com site and enjoy the information there. You have much in common with Paula Begoun. The important thing in a BHA or AHA product is that it have a low enough pH so that it will actually exfoliate. Almost ALL products available have a pH that is far too high to exfoliate. It is also useless to add AHAs or BHA to a cleanser, as the product is not in contact with the skin for a long enough time. (Also, it can irritate the eyes.)

    Keep up the good work. You might put pH considerations in your reviews/recommendations of these acids used for skin care.