Our manufacturer has the bottles and has made the “bulk” they call it. The “bulk” means they’ve made the product in large quantities and just need to fill the bottles up. They’re hoping to get to that on Friday or early next week and ship it to our distributor on July 20. Then we’ll just need to give our distributor a few days to get it up and running and we’ll be good to go I hope.

As usual, I am not promising anything because you never know what can happen, but I wanted to keep you guys updated. This is everything I know. I’m excited!


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  • Charlie Cleveland

    Awesome Dan!

    Good for your for sticking with it and not shipping it until you were totally happy with it. I know it’s been a much longer project than you were expecting, but we can wait for quality.

  • Craig

    Yeah, great job Dan! Looking forward to trying it!