After being off of BP for a few weeks and starting to see imperfections arising, last night I put on a very generous amount of BP and applied it gently. I woke up this morning and looked almost completely clear. BP is truly amazing. I’m sitting here wondering if I should put BP on again during the day today and I think I probably will. By tomorrow I should be back to completely spotless at which time I’ll go back to my Sal Acid samples in the morning and BP at night. That combo kept me incredibly clear for many weeks and I think it’s how I’d like to proceed into the future. That is, until I can figure out a holistic way to clear acne from the inside. That might be the next project!


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  • cptmrgn02

    Is the contact form working? I’ve submitted the same question for a week now and I can’t get anyone to answer me!!

  • Nancy Carpenter

    Dan, My dermatologist has recommeded the AcneRX and Beautiful Program Kit. It has worked wonderful on my skin. I really like it

  • eric

    unfortunately, my doctor told me that spam comments cause breakouts. quit it!

  • Charlie Cleveland

    Hey Dan,

    As far as clearing acne from the “inside”, I have some info that might help. I had a nice long talk with my grandfather last week (who is the dermatologist who discovered and named Grover’s disease!) for some more acne insight. He made sure I understood that in his experience, diet does affect acne. You probably already know this, but there seems to be a divide in the skin community about whether diet affects acne or not.

    He said the big problem groups he’s noticed are chocolate, nuts, seafood and ice cream. That seems like a pretty random list to me, but he practiced dermatology for over 30 years and saw these culprits again and again. For extreme cases, he would have his clients go on a brown rice diet for a couple days, and then slowly add different foods back in.

    Sorry if you know this already or if the information is dated, but I thought I would volunteer it!


  • Joyce

    Regarding diet and acne, a new book is coming out called The Clear Skin Diet by Alan Logan which looks very promising. I have it on pre-order from amazon, however if you go into there is a more thorough explanation of what is in the book (but it’s more expensive from them!)…

    I have no doubt in my mind that acne and diet ARE related.

    Great post, Charlie.

  • Joyce

    p.s. Eric, just read your nasty comment. I am not spamming or selling ANYTHING. What’s up? Sorry if I wasn’t allowed to put in a website that sold products that help me. So, will be I banned from mentioning a book from amazon as well????? …huh????

  • karen

    Why is Dan trying different acne treatments other than The Regimin? I thought it was conclusive The Regimn is a cure. It worked for me. This is a sincere question. Im not trying to be a jerk.

  • brendan

    “Wow, I had forgotten how awesome BP is.”

    i’m yet to experience this awesomeness after over 3months

  • John

    –# karen Says: –July 8th, 2007 at 7:52 pm
    –Why is Dan trying different acne treatments other than The Regimin?
    –I thought it was conclusive The Regimn is a cure. It worked for me.

    Karen – I had a similar question myself. Dan never claims that Regimen with BP is a cure; there is no cure, but you’re right, everything on this site seems to make it seem as if the Regimen is THE way to go.

    I think Dan is experimenting, and he may be on to something with using the Salicylic Acid in the morning in place of BP. It does a great job with making the skin look even BETTER than clear. It’s easier to apply, not as much of a mess, and doesn’t stain your clothes that you’re wearing that day.

    But I agree, BP is the ultimate, and Dan should be clearer with where he’s going on this. If SA really does something for you, Dan, please incorporate it into the regimen and stay coherent.

  • Bugie

    Hi all, I’ve got my own regime which differs slightly from Dan’s, but my skin has been great with it. From having all sorts of pimples crowding every milimeter of my face like angry boils for 8 years, I’ve managed to reach the point where I have stayed free of them for the last 3 years on my regime through trying every idea I can get my hands on. I look like I never had acne before, and no one would believe I use to have horrid acne and often felt like using sandpaper to rub my face! I don’t even have any scars left!
    My regime goes like this:
    Morning: wash with any cleanser, then, apply salicylic 2% gel, followed by a light moisturiser.
    Night: wash with any cleanser, then apply salicylic acid 2% gel, moisturise, and apply BP gel.

    I use to apply BP gel both day and night, but as my skin has cleared up, i apply BP gel every night only, or every other night. What I’m trying to say is, salicylic acid does work to prevent breakouts, and it’s not a bad thing to include in your Regime. If BP gel was good, but not good enought o give you perfect skin (like you ain’t got acne EVER), including salicylic acid is a good consideration.

    I’m using T3 brand of salicylic acid 2% gel, Garnier’s PureA moisturiser, and Dan’s BP gel (I use to use Acnacyl BP gel, but the product was discontinued, all other BP creams didn’t work, and I suffered a year’s relaspe till I found this gel product again in Dan Kern’s). For scars, I used Vitamin E oil, but it takes months.

  • Brian


    Totally agree with your Grandfather on those culprits…chocolate, nuts, ice cream…not sure about seafood as I dont often eat much. I have been to doctors who say diet does not cause acne…they are idiots! They are missing the point…these foods cause
    your skin to produce more oil which is then trapped in the pores for the acne bacteria to grow in.

    I use Dan’s BP which works well for me…but have not found a good moisturizer that works for me…I actually use
    “Nair for Men” on my face for five minutes a week to remove the dull flaky skin from the BP…it leaves my skin quite
    fresh looking. This can be harsh on some people so I dont necessarily recommend it.

  • hueh

    i think all people are diffrent,diets work but not by them selfs to me..all il eat is fruit an vege’s all day,with alot an alot of water,meat and yeah thats about it….i threw out wheat,coffee,salty stuff like chips,an fatty foods.i never eat choclate or ice cream or any of that skins still bad,i had mint as skin until i was about 15 then i got jus little pimples now an again but as getting closer to 16 witch i just turned in january my skin is bad.jus sore all the time an flakey an red…i used to be outgoing an always out side doing stuff.i find surfing an bein in the salt water helps heapz,i try to sweat alot by going skateboarding but half the time im to shy to get out there.i wash my face in the morning with a mild tea-tree cleanser,then i use 5% BP because i cant get any 2.5%,ten use a oil-free young mosteriser,i do this morning and night,12 hours apart.i have only started 2days ago but still see no hoping it works!!!!because acne fucking sucks brothers!!

  • Forexman

    Hi. This is really interesting post. Thank You! I have just subscribed to Your rss!

    Best regards

  • Megan

    Hey dan,
    i was wondering if the products that i have will work for the regimen. For cleanser i have ‘oil- free acne wash’ by neutrogena. I have ‘persa-gel wih 10% BP’ for the BP. And i have ‘morning glow moisturizer by clean and clear’ for moisturizer. I am sick of buying products and them not working. So you think these will work?!

  • money

    Hey dan u seem like a good guy who realli cares about helping ppl with acne…. Im 18 yrs old with bad acn e. It used to be ok but after going to multiple skin cljnics n trying many different regimens nothing works!!!! It gets good for a bit but then gets worse then ever! Will ur regimen really work rven for teenagers with very inflammed acne?? Get bak to me pls

  • phunkymonkey


    I would recommend 2.5% BP instead of 10%. It’s wayy less irritating. You can get it from Dan.


    I suggest you try the regimen and see for yourself. It can’t hurt, and you never know until you try. It might actually work for you. Good luck. 🙂


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