I’ve been using only the salicylic acid cream twice a day for about two weeks or so. At first it was smooth sailing. However, I have a few whiteheads and a couple of blackheads now. They are totally non-inflamed and most people would probably not notice I had anything going on, but I do. When I was doing sal acid in the morning and BP at night my skin was indestructible. Perfect. But I’m becoming convinced that sal acid alone might not cut it for me.

Since everyone who meets me ends up asking what I do for a living and I have to say “I run Acne.org” I really want indestructible clear skin, so I am going back to BP in the evenings and sal acid in the mornings.


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  • DJ

    I respect your answer, it’s hard to tell the truth when you know you’re going to be making alot of profit.

  • cool as kim deal

    I ran out of the SA samples last week, but I agree, the SA in the morning and BP at night combo was really fantastic for my skin while it lasted!

  • Dave

    did you try salycic acid at night before you go to bed? and BP in morning?

  • Tiffany

    Mix a teaspoon of fine cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of lime juice to make a paste. Put it on your blackheads and wash it off in the morning. Should help.

  • naadii

    have you ever heard of the acne cure? it’s a book (not worth buying to me) and it promotes the use of SA, Glycolic Acid, AND bp in order to effectively clear the skin.

    according to this article *link edited out* there are four steps to acne free skin:
    (acne program of 6 weeks)

    1. clear excess skin cells from the surface of the skin (salicylic acid)
    2. unclog any pores (glycolic acid)
    3. kill the p.acnes bacteria (benzoyl peroxide and ice)
    4. protect and maintain the skin

    i posted this info because it seems consistent with what you have experienced and written about, maybe it’ll be helpful to you and others.

  • joy

    before i started dan’s regimen, i used the “exposed” skincare line for acne. it has you use SA and BP together in a regimen (one in the morning and the other at night)…but i found it overly drying on my skin, as well as leaving me with spots on my face anyway…even large cysts/nodules! i was reading that SA and BP don’t “make good partners” on the skin, especially if you have super sensitive skin in the first place! i used to use a glycolic acid cleanser and SA serum on my face to fight acne…and i’ve found dan’s regimen of only using BP to be the best overall! i still get a few whiteheads now-and-again, but they seem to soften out and heal on their own over time with consistent BP and a good moisturizer applied 2x daily. i also used to have a lot of blackheads on my nose, but they seem to have “disappeared” (or at least became A LOT smaller) with the use of dan’s regimen.

  • Anonymous

    What if I just want to get rid of blackheads