See this thread to post questions for a highly successful California esthetician, particularly in the areas of non-inflammatory acne (the stuff that stays under the skin and doesn’t get red) and blackheads.


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  • jenn

    So when will we hear the answers to the questions people asked? I am very curious to hear back about this, as non-inflammatory acne is my biggest problem.

  • Mark

    i was wondering do u use warm water only when wshing your face or do u do cold water ater this?

  • Justin

    My name is Justin. I’m wondering if THC in marijuana or just the smoke in general on your face have an affect on Acne. I ask because about 5 days ago my face broke out like it has never before in my life! The week prior to this I, consumed an extreme amount of marijuana. Did this have an effect?
    I actually thought it would take the same route as sex, being that of a stress reliever and have a positive affect. Can you help me?

    Thank you,

  • celine

    Is there any way to shrink my big oily pores??

  • anonymous

    no, THC is an anti inflammatory

  • frank

    can u take doxyciline and tylnol pm ?

  • david john

    I cured acne after reading a book called No Acne for Me. I thought there were no cure or treatment but apperently I looked the wrong places. Acne free and acne cure – get this book.

  • Steve

    My red marks from ingrown hairs seem to last A LONG TIME. Over a year. What can be done to to make red marks fade more quickly. Thanks.

  • D

    What is the best method to spot treat zits so they that go away in the shortest time for an event?
    How can guys deal with dark circles under eyes?

  • Meg

    I have flaky skin that is also very oily. What type of products for my face would best suit me? Also i am on xanax, can that cause acne?