I’ve been getting this question a lot so I thought I’d blog it. I am going to hopefully OK the moisturizer either today or tomorrow. If it’s OKed our manufacturer will start the manufacturing process. They are super-sticklers for good manufacturing processes (GMP) and take tons of precautions. I would have it no other way. So this is how it will go:

1. Our manufacturer orders the raw ingredients (3 weeks or so)

2. They quarantine each ingredient and test each of them (2 weeks)

3. We get scheduled in to be filled (2 weeks)

4. The final filled bottles are once again quarantined and randomly tested in a quality assurance process (1 week)

5. The bottles are sent to our distributor and are ready for sale (1 day)

So we’re looking at 8 weeks or so. They told me they would do everything in their power to make it happen as fast as possible, but in my experience, things usually go longer, not shorter. Having said that, this manufacturer can surprise me with short lead times so I am staying optimistic for a quick turnaround.


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  • allmorg42

    I thought the FDA had to test it if it had a sunscreen? or does it have a sunscreen?

  • Eric

    Sounds good! In my opinion, I have not found a decent moisturizer since the Eucerin product was pulled from the market. Will there be separate SPF and no-SPF versions or just one version?

    GO DAN!

  • Joel

    The non-SPF version will be released first. There will be a separate moisturizer with SPF released later on.