I’ve been getting lots of great feedback on the moisturizer, plus I am personally elated at how they managed to make my dream moisturizer a reality. So we’re all systems go.

Now I’ll get them working on an SPF15 version.

9 Responses to “I OKed the moisturizer”

  • makoeyes

    cool this sounds awesome. what kind of spf protection are we looking at here, 15, 30, 45 or more?

  • allmorg42

    “Now I’ll get them working on an SPF15 version.” It says above^, but this moisturizer he just ok’d doesn’t have one at all If I’m correct……

  • Kent

    WHOOOO HOOOOOO! HURAY! This mosturiser has changed the mosturising landscape of the planet forever!
    Every single one of you should buy it the moment it becomes avalable!

  • Charlotte

    Make sure your moisturizer with spf 15 uses Titanium Oxide instead of PABA for us sensitive-skin types. I’d love sun protection that actually doesn’t cause breakouts. I’ve used everybody’s oil free sun products that cost up to $45.00 a tube that still caused my acne to flair up.

  • thp1017

    Will you be offering (perhaps w/ other orders) or selling a smaller sample size? I’ve found a moisturizer that I really like, but I’m eager to try yours as well. I don’t know what size/price range you’re looking at, but I hate buying a large tube and then deciding I like what I have better and it all going to waste 🙂

  • junko

    Hey Dan. You were going to check on whether my corn and soy (and all their derivatives) allergies were going to prevent me from being able to use your fabulous moisturizer. Any word on that? Thanks!

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