I got a very cool sample of the AHA which feels good, goes on light, spreads easily, and has anti-inflammatories, sebum reducers, and antimicrobials in it. Good stuff. But, when I looked at the ingredient list I noticed a couple of ingredients I’d prefer to change to more inert and soothing stuff. I brought this up with the formulator and he is re-doing the formulation with other ingredients.

I decided to make the AHA in two sizes by the way, one 2oz. tube for spot treatment, and a second one in an 8oz. tube for body acne treatment. That way I can sell a smaller one at a more affordable price for people who will only use it sparingly.

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  • Opportunity

    I am so excited about this! I can’t wait for a quality AHA product to come out.

  • MAG

    I can’t wait either! In addition to using for acne spot treatment, I’ve read that it is also effective for controlling Keratosis Pilaris (bumps on the back of upper arms and thighs), a genetic skin disorder that I am also afflicted with (my skin is so difficult!!). AHA is difficult to find, especially in large enough quantities to use on large areas. So, please hurry!! 😉 and thank you Daniel, for dedicating so much time to finding relief for such a frustrating problem as acne!

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