I sent 22 moisturizer samples out today to most of the moderators, my brother, and my friend Charlie πŸ™‚ We’ll see what they think.


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  • Katya

    What about me ? I dont see no sample !!! lol

  • maverick

    I can’t wait to get my sample! It sounds totally awesome.

  • Joel

    I got my sample today! Eager to try it tonight.

  • Kent

    FANTASTIC!!!This is a a high quality mosturiser! it goes on super super light and Does not irratate the skin!I am extreemly sensitive to artifical perfumes and dyes this product does not iratate me and does not have any fragrance or color added. I know First hand how hard Dan has worked on this product and his hard work and positive intentions have payed off. Great Job Dan! You all are in for a real treat as the regimne has foud its completion in this the moisturiser of the century!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mourice

    hi Dan,i realy need yo help,am a ugandan,a country in Africa,i have read about your experince with Acne and i believe that we have gone through the same thing,i have alot of it on ma back and my face,i realy need yo help brother,i feel out of place,cant hung out with ma friends,some times i dont feel like going forlectures,it feels so bad.the problem we have here is that i have tried to look for BENZOYL PEROXIDE but i kant find it any were so i realy need yo help pliease tel me what i can do to solve this problem.Thx and please get back to me on that email.thx so much