I got our 55th sample in the mail last week and have been using it ever since. I think we may have found a good one. I am getting some extra samples sent to me this Friday and I’ll send those out to moderators and see what they think. I helped design it myself. It is extremely high quality and goes on almost like water. I’ve never tried anything like it. It’s exactly what I wanted. Once it’s on, it takes care of flakiness entirely, which as we know is no small feat. It also goes on matte, but not so matte that it is tight. It leaves my skin in just the right sort of balance. It also has no scent and is super white and pretty 🙂 It contains potent anti-inflammatories and 5% jojoba oil for sebum control. Anyway, I am loving it. We’ll see what other people think. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I will of course only okay the formulation if the moderators also like it.


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  • Jono

    No AHA ?

  • Gyroscope352

    “Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.” Oops, too late! That sounds super awesome, Dan! I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Karin

    Yeah, seriously, my ears are totally all perked and waiting for good news now.

  • Justin

    Awesome dude, I can’t wait. good moisturizers are notoriaously hard to track down.

    Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward tothe AHA lotion. Ever since I hit upon your regimen my skin hasn’t looked better in years. I get like the occasionel pimple every other week or so as opposed to daily cystic ones. Fantastic. AHA morning and night and BP in the evenings is my current adaptiation of the sytem and it is working very well so far. Thanks

  • Dan

    When do u think the moisturizer will be available?

  • Japandan

    waiting ** LoL

  • LPH

    Hi… guess what. I am a parent. Sorry. I know parents are really another animal, but my son has just finished his eighth week on Accutane and will pick up the next prescription tomorrow. He seems to has some “divets’ in his skin (to me) but the doctor says what we see is mostly redness from hyperpigmentation and that we just need to be concerned about getting the redness to calm down and that he, the doctor, is not worried about scarring. How often do Accutane users end up with permanent scars? My son has a friend who was on Accutane for the five months required and he is left with scars. He is 18 and my son is only 15. My son really only had bad acne for about eight months or so before starting Accutane. All the anitbiotics we tried seemed to make no difference. Anyhow… will these divets flatten out?…. what is the likelihood of scars remaining? any thoughts?

  • Matt

    Daniel, thank you for making such great products. Your products are far superior to others on the market in many ways and I appreciate the lengths you go to to make sure it stays that way. I can’t wait to try your moisturizer… I’m on my last bit of Eucerin and hope I don’t have to buy some other product in the meantime. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do, you’ve helped me tremendously.

  • Tim

    If it goes on almost like water, then is it similar to proactive’s toner?

  • Steve

    How do I get this sample?

  • Lee

    thank you acne.org, we enjoy your services and thank you for your information

  • jkom

    I’ve tried alooot of moisturizers since eucerin skin renewal was discontinued, and I still can’t find a good one… Looking forward to the day when yours is ready.

  • Sarita Mangone

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