New site going live soon: Paul (Real Maverick), Joel, and I have been working on a new It should be easier to navigate and less overwhelming for new visitors. It’ll also be more beautiful and up to date with more videos and such. After the new design goes live, we’ll start working hard on making the site more interactive so everyone can participate in developing content. I’ve been speaking with dermatologists as well. I’d like to do some interviews from prominent dermatologists who specialize in acne and put them up on for viewing or for podcasting.


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  • jkom

    An official section on acne research would be great too. I realize there’s a forum dedicated to this subject, but a separate overview of the most current research topics would be nice as well. You could even interview the researchers and post those. Who knows, maybe this type of interaction will motivate them to find better treatments more quickly…

  • Gyroscope352

    Dan, how do we get involved with the video making and stuff that you mentioned before (or aren’t you doing that now)? I think that’d be so cool to be a part of that. I’m excited for the new site!

    Also, what’s the word on the new moisturizer? You’re killing me, man! 😉

  • Katya

    Dan…I can I get a sample of that new BHA product you are creating ?

  • Pratik

    Oh man, I hope the moisturizer comes in to the works. You have no idea how hard it is to get a perfect moisturizer. I hope it’s not as greasy as cetaphil and sinks in like aloe vera!

  • Acne Treatment

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