I ok’ed the salicylic acid formula and our formulator put some in stability but it wasn’t as stable as they wanted it to be. So they made a slightly new formulation that is back in the oven for stability. If all goes well I’ll have a sample on Wednesday. Then if it feels ok I’ll be able to send a bunch of samples out to see if people like it. I am loving it myself, but a couple of people who’ve tried it have said they broke out a bit. I also broke out some when I first started using it, and if I go off BP entirely, I seem to break out. But once a day BP and once a day SA seems to work beautifully for me so far. I should also have a sample of the next moisturizer Wednesday. Please send good vibes regarding that. At this point, turning to prayer seems like a good option 🙂

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    Any update on the SA? Does this also fall under the same 8 week lead time before going for sale? Thanks