Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the latest moisturizer sample isn’t all that great. I was excited because it takes care of flakiness, but my skin is still a little shiny looking hours after application. Also, it’s balling up a bit. So, I let the formulator know what the issues are and they’ll have another go at it. Someday we’ll get it. Someday.


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  • mujer

    Hey there Dan! I saw your ‘What I Use’ section and related with your towel use. Another thing I do is fold the towel inwards where the tag is, so that I use the same side everytime I use it. That way, I don’t put any germs on my face that were gathered while the outside touched other restroom surfaces, etc. Get it??!

    See you!!!

  • Sharpy

    I do the same thing with my towel and the tag. I thought maybe I was crazy.

  • Wayne


    It appears that finding a moisturizer is a problem. Since so many people seem to like the Eucerin Skin Renewal product, is it possible that you could license it from Eucerin? I personally like it a lot and would definitely order it through your site.


  • Alex

    Thank You