I got another sample of the salicylic acid product with anti-inflammatories, sebum-reducers, and antimicrobials. The feel is awesome. It looks like a white cream and is viscous enough that you can dollop it on your palm. This allows us to carefully measure how much we want to use. But when you put it on, it goes on almost like water. It leaves a nice feeling on the skin that is non-greasy and light. Plus, my skin is still looking great and I’ve been using the salicylic acid every morning now for a few weeks. I did have a few problems for the first week or two around my nose. I got a few non-inflamed comedones there. But as of today my skin looks pretty perf. I have my fingers crossed that this will do the trick for me in the morning because I’m ready to wear vibrant colors without fear of bleaching them!

I get 6 samples at a time. The next step is to get feedback from Brandy, Joel, Real Maverick and my operations manager, Rhonda, who got four of the latest samples. I’m keeping the last two for myself! If everyone likes it as much as I do, I sign off on it and get a full kilo of it from our manufacturer. Then I can send more samples out to get a broader opinion. If everyone likes it, I’ll put it in FDA required stability for 3 months and when and if it is a stable formulation, I’ll bottle it and sell it.


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  • Sharpy

    Awesome! I can’t wait for it to come out so I can use it for the acne on my neck. BP is just too harsh for me on that area and actually makes the acne worse. Also, it’s too close to the collar of my shirts.

  • Tiger

    This is awesome! I can’t wait. I love your regimen (it really helps keep inflammatory pimples away), but I still get whiteheads occasionally. The salicyclic acid should help with this, and I know you’ll price your product more affordably than the drugstore brands.

  • Michelle

    Did you have an initial purge with SA? I will dread that but am excited about the SA

  • Eric

    I like the current products (BP + cleanser), but it will be nice to have alternatives. How far off is the moisturizer?