How I’m looking after two weeks on the 2% SA/anti-inflammatories/sebum-reducing/anitmicrobial product: Really good. I think.

Let me explain. My skin is flawless, except for on the sides of my nose where I have a couple of non-inflamed comedones. But I have had crazy allergies and I blow my nose probably twenty times a day. I don’t know if any acne product will be able to overcome that kind of irritation. But the rest of my face is perfect. I’m running out of samples though! So I only have probably a few more days left until I have to stop using it. I’m pretty excited though. Not only do I think the formulation might be effective (inject skepticism here), I actually enjoy the way it feels after application. It imparts a gentle tingle and a feeling I would characterize as fresh and open–I can almost feel how it is gently exfoliating my follicle walls. Wow, I am such an acne nerd πŸ™‚


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  • Stefanie

    I’m glad to hear of your success with SA.
    I started your regime about 2 months ago and really had trouble with the BP. It would burn and flake and feel really irritating. I started with a little and slowly ramped it up just as I was supposed to.
    After doing a little research, I found that BP is causes premature aging. Granted, I haven’t looked into that too deeply, so I don’t know how true that is, but it was enough to make me look for another option.
    I started using SA instead but kept to reast of the regime the same and I am MUCH happier. My skin is more oily, but none of the dryness or flaking. And no blemishes (yet). I’ve only been on it for a week, but so far so good!

  • blacklovet

    Hi Dan, after using BP, my skin was red and very inflammed so i came to ur blog and started trying out drinking lemon juice and using apple cider as a toner. The lemon juice was amazing. It really cleared up some reddness and prevented zits. Then i got nuskin’s celltrex, AHAs and a lightening gel. Using all this in rotation, in tiny amounts for sensitive skin, really helped alot.
    Pior to all of this, i actually tried Origins spot remover which contained SA and it burnt my skin. However I knew of a pimple cream that had a good amount of SA inside and it helped close open pores and scars on a friend.
    I suspect the diff formulas with SA work better than others. So be careful >:)

  • Crooked I

    It takes me up to half an hour sometimes to do the regimen so i doubt that there would be enough video time to show it!

  • Gyroscope352

    Haha I like the video idea, Dan! While I don’t have too much against lots of reading, that IS a really cool idea. I know the most I learned about the regimen when I started was by watching those videos of you going through it and explaining it. I think people could really benefit from something like that. I would totally try out too, so I’ll be checking back to see if that happens! πŸ˜‰