Finished reading Wikinomics: This book blew my mind from beginning to end. It may as well be titled “How should move into the future”. I have what I think is a cool idea to start. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to read all of the pages on, especially the Regimen pages that are so long? I’m thinking of having people videotape/webcam themselves reading pages of Then we can vote for our favorite. Whichever video gets the most votes will get posted and I’ll send the person in the video free supplies or…whatever else they want. These videos could even change every month or so just to keep it fresh around here. Then as visitors surf around they can simply click on a video link on each page and they can watch and listen to different people explain about that page instead of having to read. I mean, c’mon, after all, reading online is so 2005 :-). Not only do I think this kind of entrance into community video will move us into the burgeoning video Web further, I also think it’ll highlight our community feel. What do you think? Does anybody else have the chutzpa to videotape themselves like I did!?

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