10% AHA is in my experience an amazing spot treatment. Many agree. It is also fantastic for body acne, and along with the regular regimen, can wipe out body acne in a lot of people. See this link for more on that. Since Alpha Hydrox brand AHA can be hard to find and since I think I can make a specific version for acne prone individuals, I asked one of our formulators to mix up a batch of 10% alpha hydroxy, while avoiding any comedogenic ingredients, and mixing in some of the potent anti-inflammatories that are out these days. I got the sample this morning. I didn’t like it. It was too thick feeling and rubbed in too fast actually. I got back to them with my comments and they are redoing it for us. But anyway, just so you guys know, I am working on this as well.


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  • GO DAN

    there is absolutely nothing stopping you.. keep going dan your work is freaking amazing

  • Jonas

    Yeah I’ll gladly buy some new products when they’re released! Looking forward to it, good luck!

  • deborah

    I have been using the Alpha Hydrox moisturizer (cream) every morning for a year with Dan’s cream at night and it has made a WORLD of difference in my skin. AHA is great along with BP. The perfect combo.

  • Marla Seck

    I use Alpha Hydrox 10%. There are two economical ways to buy it:

    1. Order from CVS when you have coupons (such as $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase). It only takes 1 to 2 days to get the product. This way you buy stuff that you need at CVS anyway, and at the same time you get $3.00 off the Alpha Hydrox.

    2. Sign up for Alpha Hydrox emails. They will alert you when they are having a sale. Also, they often have free shipping specials.

    PS: While you are formulating, I suggest that you look at cosmeticscop.com and also look at her books. She mentions a number of 10% products that cause irritation. (She likes the Alpha Hydox)

  • Nina

    Great blog:) I’ve just seen it today (I am from Croatia:). AHA’ s made an incredible difference on my skin this winter and spring but I am affraid to use them in summer because of the sun. Yesterday I bought BP for the first time and hoping for the best! I think they can probably do less harm during the summer. Am I right? Should I stop with AHA’s?